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15 Fun Ways To Workout Without Really Feeling Like You’re Working Out

When you’re a fitness fanatic, it’s safe to say that you love working out and you find fun ways to work out easily. Whether a particular activity is tough or not, you’ll love it. You enjoy sweating, lifting up heavy things, pushing your body to the limit, and generally watching your mind and body do things you never thought it could do. But, this isn’t exactly how everyone feels. In fact, it’s often how very few feel. So if you’re someone that pretty much hates to workout, workout a sweat, or take part in physical activity, you’re probably wondering just why anyone else would love it. And if you are, you’re not alone.

To a lot of people, working out is actually a huge chore. It’s something that they dread doing, find really hard, and don’t really want to spend their time doing. So don’t ever feel alone with your fitness thoughts. You’re not abnormal; you’re probably one of the many. But at the same time, you have to take action. Because hating exercise is never a good enough excuse not to do in. Because you know that you need to exercise if you want to be healthy. No ifs, no buts. You have to get your body moving, your heart pumping, and the sweat dripping if you want to keep in shape. So, it looks like you’re at a catch 22.

Thankfully for us all, you don’t have to be there for much longer. Because you can exercise, workout, and work up a sweat without hating it or really feel like you’re doing it, and here’s how.

Fun ways to workout


15 Fun Ways To Workout

Go For A Hike

One of the best things that you can do for your health, especially when you particularly hate exercising, is go on a hike. Hiking is so much fun, but it’s definitely hard work. Get your walking boots on and get up into the hills and woodlands. It can be incredibly refreshing and you always feel good after a rigorous hike. But it feels nothing like being dragged to the gym!

Join A Sports Team

If you are into sports, then why not join a team? We’re not talking varsity or even anything remotely competitive if that’s not what you want. There should be a bunch of soccer or football leagues or whatever in your area. There’s also fun sports like kickball or roller derby that you could consider doing too. And yes, all include a great workout for your body.

Buy A Fitness Watch

Another great idea is to buy yourself a fitness watch. You’d never really think it, but just wearing one can make you very competitive with yourself. When you set yourself step goals, you instantly want to challenge yourself to be able to meet your targets and guess what? That means that you’re going to be working out more.

Streatch workout


Join A Class

Now, something more fitness related, but still definitely not like hitting the pavement or lifting weights in the gym, is classes. Joining a fitness class can be a lot of fun. From Zumba classes to cross fit, you could choose the kind of workout style you want to do and the pace and go from there. It’s often more comforting to workout in a group and to be able to have fun with it too. And yes, you will have fun and get a great workout at the same time.

Give Yoga A Go

Another kind of class to consider and workout style in its own right is yoga. Or, more specifically, Broga. If you want to be able to do something slow paced but still a great workout, yoga is the one for you. You’ll be able to work on your strength and flexibility and calm your mind too. It’s particularly great on a Friday after work when you want to be able to switch off for the weekend ahead.

Go Dancing

Next, you’re going to want to think about hitting the dance floor. This is a top fun way to workout! Dancing can help you to burn around 400 calories an hour – sometimes more if you’re weighing nearer the 200lb mark. And the best part? Dancing is a lot of fun! So think about taking your partner out on the town, letting your hair loose with your friends on a Saturday night, or even talking up Salsa (yes, we’re serious) lessons too!

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Try Martial Arts

A really cool activity to try is always going to be martial arts. Whether you always wanted to live out your Karate Kid fantasies or you just want to do something super cool, martial arts will be the one for you. There are so many different styles, that you could even try a few out and see which fits best. It won’t feel like much of a workout because it’s so fun, but you’ll definitely ache the next day!

Book An Adventure Holiday

Another great idea is to get a bit more active with your life choices. Okay, so it’s great to lay on the beach when you go on vacation, but wouldn’t an adventure break be much more fun? Whether you go with friends or the family, you can get active, get involved, and have a lot of fun in the process. And yes, this is going to be that one vacation you head on where you actually lose weight instead of putting it on!

Get A Good Cleaning Session In

If you’re never really one for cleaning, it’s time to change all of that. Cleaning is probably the most deceptive activity that actually gives you a great workout. All of that sweeping and wiping, scrubbing and vacuuming is a great full-body workout. So turn up the tunes, grab some cleaning supplies and give the entire house a once-over, all in the name of a better bod!

Football workout


Get Active In The Garden

Next, you might want to think about spending a bit more time in the garden. Spring is pretty much here, so you’re going to have to keep on top of the lawn and trim back the bushes on a regular basis anyway. And yes, this kind of manual work is going to give you a workout. So if you’re doing a bit once a week, you’re getting in a workout without really realizing it.

Get Intimate

You know that working up a sweat is good for you, so of course, this is going to make sense. Getting intimate with your significant other is something so natural, that you probably don’t even realize that you’re getting a workout in too. Because yes, you can burn calories! Of course, the amount that you burn depends on what goes down, but definitely keep this in mind for a health-boosting activity.

Try A New Style Of Video Game

Video game fan? Then you’re going to want to get some workout games in your life. Okay, so this is something that may actually feel like you’re working out, but it’s definitely still fun. You can do it in your own home, with friends or family, and generally, have a good old time while you’re doing it. So what’s not to love?

Play Sports With The Kids

If you’ve got kids or there are some in the family, then it’s time for a bit of roughhousing. Kids love to play with their parents, and it’s definitely a great way for you to work out. Running, jumping, and just generally rolling around and having fun is good for your health, your heart, and your head. You’ll work up a huge sweat, have fun, and put a smile on their faces. That’s a win-win-win from us.

Start An Active Hobby

Maybe it’s time that you look up a hobby? And no, we’re not just talking about reading or painting, but something a little more active. Because if you’re partaking in outdoor activities on a regular basis, then you’re going to be getting some kind of a workout in. Simple!

Go Shopping

Always moaned about having to go shopping in the past? Hate dragging yourself from store to store? Now it’s time to embrace it. Because shopping is a great cardio workout for you. Not only are you going to be walking, A LOT, but you’ll probably be carrying a lot too. By staying active and upping your load, your body will be getting a vigorous workout without you really knowing it.

And just like that, you have fifteen different ways that you can give working out a new spin. You may not be one to run to the gym with a huge smile on your face – or run at all for that matter, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Because working out in the gym or pounding the pavement aren’t your only options. When you want to be healthy and you feel like you’re out of options, you use that as an excuse, but times are changing.

You’ve just found fifteen fun new ways to workout, and you’re bound to love a bunch of them. So grab your runners, your friends, family, or partner and start working up a sweat and enjoying yourself!

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