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3 Adaptive Ways Of Coping With Hearing Loss

How do you cope with one of the most difficult deteriorations the body can ever face? Hearing loss affects millions of people worldwide. Many of us will naturally experience hearing loss, as we age. Others will find their time comes early, and they begin to lose their hearing due to environmental causes, lifestyle, or from an injury.

For these people, it can be emotionally traumatic to suddenly, be without, or have much less of your hearing ability. Whether you’re still young or thought you had more time left behind you started losing your hearing, it’s tough to cope with the life-altering decrease in one of your senses. But, where there is a will there is always a way to cope.

Muffled sounds

It’s weird when you can hear but you can’t understand what’s being said. You might also be able to hear noises in the other room, but can’t quite manage to pin down what exactly is causing them. This muffled hearing loss is usually the beginning.

It’s just like when your eyes begin to falter, and you start seeing with blurred vision. Speak to a specialist about what kind of hearing aid you can get, for your gradual hearing loss. Due to it being in the early stages, you will most likely be given a hearing aid that is smaller and not as powerful, like those in later stages of hearing loss. The audiologist will try his or her best, to give you a model that fits your lifestyle and appeases your self-consciousness regarding your public image. 

Relaxing your mind

When you first start noticing signs that you can no longer hear as well, you will probably go through a period of panic and worry. This is totally natural and you shouldn’t feel too confused or anxious about the future.

Try to relax your mind and train yourself to pinpoint sounds and noises. Many people with hearing loss report that their other senses become far more acute. It’s because the body and brain compensate for one sense becoming obtuse. Thus, people with hearing loss can still function to an extremely high degree.

Learn to meditate in the mornings to get your mind in the right frame to go to work, etc. If you ever feel stressed, you can always do the nasal breathing technique. This fills your brain with fresh oxygen, calming you, and getting rid of toxins that accumulate in and around the brain due to stress.

Inform your friends

Nobody wants to tell others that they are losing their hearing. There’s a stigma that comes attached to this and very often it can be embarrassing to admit.

However, it’s going to make your life easier if you inform your friends that you need them to speak a little louder or look at you when speaking so you can lip read. The initial moment of informing them will seem like a bad experience, but most people are very accommodating and will change their way of communicating to include you in conversations. 

It’s incredible how quickly you will adapt to your new way of life, with hearing loss. Just remember to use nasal breathing when you feel overwhelmed.

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