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3 Easy Ways To Get Past A Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateau is a big problem that a lot of people experience when they start a new health routine. Initially, it’s easy to lose weight and you feel that motivation because you are seeing visible results. But eventually, things will start to slow down and sometimes, you find that you cannot lose any more weight even though you are sticking to a diet and exercise plan.

This is when people start to lose motivation and their health plan starts to fall apart. The key to long term weight loss is getting past that plateau so you can continue to lose weight and keep your motivation up. If you have hit a weight loss plateau, these are some of the best ways to break through it. 

Rule Out Other Health Problems 

In some cases, there may be an underlying health problem that is stopping you from losing weight. It’s important that you rule this out before you move forward. For example, anxiety can be a contributing factor to weight gain, so if you struggle with your mental health, it’s worth considering.

Some forms of medication can also cause changes to your weight as well so if you are taking tablets for anything, read the packaging to see if weight gain is a side effect. If you are unsure about anything, get yourself checked over by a doctor just to be safe. 

Weigh loss

Seek Professional Advice 

When you first start working out, it’s easier for you to lose weight, but it’s those last few pounds that are the hardest. Initially, a few sessions at the gym or a regular running program might be enough to help you lose weight. But now that you are past that point, you might need a more specialized program to help you. It may be worth visiting medical weight loss clinics to see how they can help.

They will do a thorough assessment of your body and then create a personal plan for exercise and diet which will help you to break through that plateau. If you attend a gym, you should also see if you can get some sessions with a personal trainer. If you speak to them about your goals, they will help you to explore new exercises that could be more effective for you. Sometimes, you just need to change up your routine and you will start to see results again. 

Increase Protein Intake 

Your protein intake is very important for recovery after your workout, and it can have an impact on weight loss as well. A lot of people make the mistake of eating too little because they want to lose weight, but it doesn’t help.

As well as helping your muscles to recover after a workout, eating protein boosts your metabolic rate and also helps the body to produce hormones that make you feel fuller after eating. If you can cut back on your carbs and fats and replace them with protein rich foods instead, you may find that you start to lose weight again. 

Breaking through a weight loss plateau can be tough and you may need to try a few different things before you get there. The important thing is that you don’t lose motivation and you stick to your new health routine.

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