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3 Reasons to Make Some Strong Decisions In Your Life

Would you describe yourself as the kind of person who is generally quite indecisive?

If so, you may be seriously sabotaging your quality of life and your overall ability to achieve your dreams and thrive to the highest possible standard, according to various leading figures in the personal development sphere.

The ability to make strong decisions as opposed to sitting on the fence or going back and forth over and over again can have a range of positive implications in your life, and may even be one of the determining factors in how upbeat and optimistic you feel on a daily basis.

Here are just a few reasons to begin making some strong decisions in your life.

Decisions concentrate and focus your powers and faculties

In order for anyone to achieve anything, they need to be able to focus their attention, their time, and their various faculties, in a pretty precise manner.

When you look at highly skilled individuals such as the dancers of Shen Yun, for example, you’re not observing people who are half-heartedly dabbling in something. You’re looking at people who are intently focused on what they are doing, and whose past intense focus has furnished them with the skills they currently have.

Regardless of whether you want to become an excellent dancer, want to start and run your own successful business, or even just want to get your home properly tidied up, focusing your energies is important.

Decisions are how you focus your powers and faculties — specifically by deciding to do one thing rather than another and to really and fully invest yourself in it.

Strong decisions can keep you from wasting years in a state of inertia

The phrase “analysis paralysis” is used to describe the very real problem of not being able to make a decision and move forward in a particular area of life, because of being overwhelmed with the different variables that need to be considered.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that it’s entirely possible to spend entire years — and even your entire life — not doing much of anything, largely because of the fact that indecision, uncertainty, and fence-sitting is keeping you in a state of consistent inertia.

Taking some strong decisions — even if they’re not perfect decisions — can keep you from wasting an inordinate amount of time in this manner, and can at least give you some direction to head in.

You become better at making good decisions the more you practice

If you hesitate and hold back from making decisions because you feel you often don’t make good decisions, it’s important to keep in mind that the best way of becoming a good decision-maker is to practice more decisions and to pay attention to what happens as a result of one type of decision versus another.

Trying to get everything perfect in the abstract before making a decision can simply end up being another form of analysis paralysis and excuse-making. By all means, consider the situation carefully, but then make a decision.

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