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3 Things to Consider if You’re Feeling Unhappy

None of us can be happy all the time- as humans, we’re capable of feeling a wide spectrum of emotions and it’s both normal and healthy to feel all of them at times. However, if you constantly find that you’re more stressed and unhappy then it’s a sign that something in your life needs to change. Here are some ideas. 

Evaluate your relationship

Your romantic relationship is one of the biggest influences in your life. This is the person who you more than likely spend the most time with, who you spend most of your mental energy on and who impacts much of what you do day to day, simply as you’re adjusting your schedule etc so that it sits well with theirs.

When things aren’t going well in your relationship, it will affect the way you feel throughout the rest of your life. It doesn’t need to be shouting and arguments, if you find that you’re growing apart and no longer feel happy and satisfied within the relationship it can cause you a significant amount of stress. So many of us ‘settle’ in our relationships, after being together for a long time we can’t ever see ourselves breaking up even though we know it’s no longer right for us.

Take some time to sit and evaluate things, how do you really feel? Are you and your partner on the same path, do you want the same things? Do you make each other happy? It’s not to say you should bail at the first hurdle, but if things haven’t been working for a while then going your separate ways could mean you’re both happier in the long run. Even if it’s painful at first. 

Change career

We spend such a huge portion of our time in the workplace that if you’re not happy here then you’re never going to be happy in the rest of your life. Maybe you took your current job as a stopgap but are still there years later, or perhaps the role you’re in just no longer suits you. Changing careers can be scary but could be one of the best things you’ve ever done. Have a think about your interests and then go about gaining qualifications and experience that will lead you to the job you want. For example, if you’re looking at finance jobs you could first do an accounting course and perhaps some volunteering at an accounting company to boost your CV. 

Consider how you spend your free time

Your free time is so important, this is essentially your life. When you spend forty plus hours a week in the workplace, it’s crucial to spend your time doing things that make you happy, find enjoyable and satisfying. If you’re spending all of your time off work watching Netflix, killing time on video games or mindlessly scrolling social media then you can’t expect to feel happy and fulfilled. Look into fun hobbies, travel and spend time with friends as often as you can.

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