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5 Easy Ways to Help Your Sunburn

When we are excited about an outdoor event the last thing on our minds is preventing a sunburn. We are more concerned about what we are wearing, where we are going and how we are getting there. 

Over this past weekend, I ended up getting a sunburn, a bad sunburn. I forgot my sunblock in the car at a NASCAR race, getting back to my car was not an option so I burned and I burned badly.

That made me search the internet for some great ways to help ease my pain and help my sunburn. What I found surprised me a bit and I just had to share some of these great things with you!

1. Cool with Aloe

This one many of us know already, Aloe is everywhere and we all know it helps us feel better when you have a sunburn. I use both bottled aloe and right from the plant. It’s so helpful and really makes you feel so much better.

2. Yogurt helps

Using plain yogurt helps to sooth the pain as well, I have put a layer of aloe and then yogurt over that to get some relief it was helpful and I was able to sleep the first night.

3. Cool your skin

The best way to help make you feel better is to get your skin cool, because we are trying hard not to use air this summer I took a nice cold shower and got my skin cool. Getting the heat out of a sunburn with cold water can really make a difference. If you can’t do a cold shower, then do a cold compress with ice water and a washcloth.

4. Drink Water

You may not think about this, but a burn can cause your body to dehydrate even more, you need to make sure you drink a lot of water to help your body stay hydrated and heal.

Water is important when outside in the heat anyway, so lets all remember to drink up and get more water when we are outside.

5. Get Red Wine

The last one surprised me a bit and made me giggle a little as I just started selling wine! Red wine can not only help when putting on the skin but may also help prevent you getting a sunburn, yet another reason I need to drink more red wine! I have actually tried this out this morning and am finding that it worked really well. I took a small amount and put it on my skin about 10 minutes before taking a shower. I feel really good and love that I have this new trick.

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