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5 Tips To Look After Your Dog’s Mental Health

Looking after your dog’s mental health is just as important as its physical health. Like humans, dogs can experience anxiety and depression. If you are concerned about your dog’s mental health, these five tips can help.

1 . Learn the warning signs

To look after your dog’s mental health, you should know how to recognize the signs of anxiety and depression. If your dog stops or doesn’t want to go outside these are signs that something is wrong. Anxious dogs may chew or lick their fur excessively. Other signs of a depressed dog include destructive behavior, excessive barking, compulsive behavior, or pacing.


2. Plenty of exercise

To look after your dog’s mental health you need to ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercise. Like humans, dog’s need exercise to boost their endorphins, and feel happy. Dog’s need to exercise daily for a minimum of 30 minutes. It’s better if your dog gets at least a few hours of exercise per day. If you don’t have time to exercise your dog, hire a dog walker to do this for you. You should also provide your dog with plenty of simulation, including dog toys. There are lots of ways that you can improve your dog’s health.

3. Treat your dog

Dog’s are social animals, they need to feel loved and appreciated. To help your dog feel content and happy, ensure that you take great care of your pooch. There are many different ways that you can treat your dog. You might consider giving your dog a massage, or doggie food treats? You could buy your dog a few gifts, whether it’s cute dog clothing or a new chew toy. While you’re at it why not treat yourself to dog lover sweatshirts? There are plenty of novelty items for both dogs and their owners.

4. Try supplements

If your dog is prone to anxiety there are many different supplements for anxious dogs To get you started, try a few of these:

  • CBD Oil: Cannabidiol is made from the cannabis plant, it can help to soothe anxiety in both humans and dogs. CBD oil is also a useful pain reliever, particularly for dogs who have arthritis.
  • St John’s Wort: This is a herbal supplement, made from the flower of the same name. It’s useful to ease the symptoms of both anxiety and depression.
  • Valerian: Valerian root is useful for anxiety, and to ease insomnia. For both dogs and people, it’s an incredibly effective way to calm down.

5. Music therapy

Lastly, music therapy is a great way to support stressed out dogs. When you play soothing music to your pooch, you can help them to feel calm and relaxed. To find music therapy for dogs try the ‘Calming Music For Pets’ app. The app includes lots of great music tracks, perfect for both dogs and cats.

It’s incredibly important to support the mental health of your dog. If you have concerns about your dog’s health, you should contact your vet as soon as possible.

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