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6 Genius Tactics to Maximize Your Earnings

Would we even work if we didn’t need the money? Probably not, but the truth of the matter is life isn’t free. In fact, nearly all of us have to work to ensure we can meet our responsibilities.

That means wheat we earn is just as important as what we do. The good news is there are some simple tactics you can use to boost your earnings. Find out what they are in the post below. 

Ask for a raise

Simple, direct and to the point, asking for a raise can boost your earning for the shortest amount of time. Of course, it’s not just a matter of walking up to your boss and asking for more money. In fact, there are some distinct tactics you can use to increase your chances of getting the increase in salary that you want. 

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The first is to pick your time well. Right in the middle of layoffs, after a stressful meeting, or at the end of a month where targets were not met is a bad idea. However, if you plan your request to come just after something positive, your boss is likely to be in a much more receptive mood. 

In the particular lookout for opportunities right after they have praised you for a job well done, or when you have asked or made the company a lot of money. After all, it’s much harder to disagree with your value when it’s in front of their face. 

Start a side hustle 

Of course, not everyone is in a position to ask for a raise right at this moment. Fortunately, there are other strategies you can use if you find yourself in this situation. In particular, the option of starting up a side hustle or developing multiple incomes stream has become very popular. 

The idea here is that you have a business or money-making schemes other than your main job that brings in additional funds. The great thing about choosing this option is that you are free to pick any area that you would like.

This means many people choose a side hustle in the area of their passions or hobbies. Something that can make them much more enjoyable to do and ensure it doesn’t feel like work, even though they are bringing in money. 

The critical thing about running a side hustle in addition to your day job is that it is manageable. To that end, many people choose the passive income model. This is when they spend their own time on creating a product and then sell it repeatedly to customers.

Happy with eCommerce, it is straightforward to set up such a situation, where customers can gain access to a downloadable product 24/7. Something that means there is much less administration once the actual product has been created. 

Alternatively, you may wish to offer consulting services as your side hustle. In fact, this can be very beneficial in several ways. The first is that consultants are often paid at a much higher rate than those employed by businesses in any given industry.You also get to swoop in to provide advice and then leave again so you won’t come up against so much office politics either. 

Additionally, by offering consulting services in your area of specialty, you can really start to enhance your own reputation. This being something that can make your own employer and other businesses, sit up and take notice. Thus putting you in a much better position to negotiate a higher salary. 

Always be networking 

Sometimes it’s who you know that makes the real difference in your earning potential. In fact, having an extensive professional network is an excellent way to ensure you are in the best position to find out when well paying job openings arise. 

Unfortunately, some people struggle with networking and end up neglecting this side of their career development. The good news is that growing your network to improve your earning potential needn’t be hard. Even for those that have a more introverted personality. 

In fact, you can network successfully by following three rules. The first is to allow yourself to be seen on professional social media. That is, create a profile on a site like Linkedin and add the people that come up as suggestions. 

Next, it’s time to reach out to those people. The way to do this isn’t just to say hi, but to actually offer them something of value. In fact, instead of just trying to befriend all your contacts pick one or two a month that you know you can do something to especially help. In this way, you will garner positive favor and stick out to them among all their other contacts. 

Finally, when you have accrued enough kudos by helping and working with some choice people from your network, you can start to ask them for assistance. Whether that is being in touch with a company that is recruiting, or requesting that you become their mentee. The latter also being something that can help you hone your career-based skills, and so command a higher salary. 

Improve your education 

A more long term approach to boosting your earning potential is to improve your education. Although when it comes to your career, specific is nearly always better than general. After all, those with a GED can expect to earn more than those without. Yet, those with specialized skills not only make themselves more employable but also can demand higher salaries for what they do. 

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In fact, as you can see from this salary information getting a higher degree like a master’s in an industry like cybersecurity can provide you with the best opportunity to vastly increase your salary. Yes, there will be some work involved, but the payoff is so great that gaining more qualifications is often the best way to raise your earning potential. 

Be an expert 

Finally, if you are looking for the clout to command the highest of salaries you really need to set yourself apart from the competition in your field. The way that you can do this is to position yourself as an expert, if not the specialist to call on in your area. 

Traditionally, this was a much harder task to achieve, as it took a substantial amount of time to build up a reputation. However, with things moving so quickly in the online world, it is now not so tricky to reinforce your status as an expert

Of course, you need to have the experience and credentials to back this up. However, you can do this by writing articles on your chosen topic, and replying to social media posts and threads. Even being available in the area in which you work’s online community is a smart idea. 

You may even want to run webinars, offer consulting services, or also team up with other experts in your industry to provide online information. Something that can help enhance your own personal reputation and so allow you to command a much higher salary. 


In summary, there are a variety of things you can do to increase your easing potential. The first is to negotiate a higher rate of pay, while the second is to start up a business or revenue stream on the side of your day job. 

Additionally, enhancing your education and setting yourself up as an expert in your field can also help a great deal when it comes to raising your earnings. The same goes for working hard to build your network. In fact, by choosing to use a combination of the methods listed above, you may be able to boost your earning considerably.

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