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6 Jobs To Consider If You Want To Be Involved In Law And Order

Are you interested in a career that involves identifying or solving crimes or other areas of the law? There are a few options to consider. You will want to figure out what type of law or law enforcement you will want to follow and what you may have the skills to jump into.


Choosing to study law can give you many options. Once qualified, you can choose to become a specialist in any number of practice areas. These include becoming a criminal law attorney, public prosecutor, or defense attorney.  Many lawyers change areas of specialization over their careers.  

Law enforcement

Police offers are trained to keep us safe and investigate crimes. It’s a very worthy calling, and many people who choose this career are in it for life. Again, there are many branches of law enforcement you can choose from, such as the city or state police, drug enforcement, and customs. You may even wish to apply to federal agencies such as the FBI. 

Probation Officer

The probation service is a vital part of the criminal justice process. They ensure that released prisoners or those subject to a probation term, are following the conditions of their release. However, the role is far more than a watchdog one.

They also help people to reintegrate into society and improve their lives. This can include arranging rehab treatments, education, and training and securing work to get their lives back on track. While it’s not always an easy job, it can be extremely rewarding. 

Victim Support Worker

Being the victim of a crime can be an extremely upsetting and life-altering experience. Victim support workers support victims practically and emotionally after violent sexual crimes. As a victim support worker, you can play a life-changing role in someone’s recovery. 

Forensic Scientist 

Show such as CSI has brought the role of forensics in solving crimes to the forefront of public consciousness. A forensic scientist and their teams collect and examine evidence from crime scenes in order to assist the police in their investigations.

Evidence is crucial in determining who is guilty, or innocent of a crime. There are many types of forensics. Some choose to be specialists in chemical and molecular forensics, others can become experts in firearms or even handwriting analysis. 

Criminal Psychologist

As a criminal psychologist, you’ll use your psychology training to assist the police in profiling criminals. Often, a psychological profile is a key to an investigation. However, unlike TV, it’s not all about profiling and catching serial killers. Criminal psychologists are important in developing theories and treatments that can be used by the justice system to identify and rehabilitate people. 

Key points

If you want to make a difference and work in law and order, there are many options, depending on your interest and skill set. Many of them require a lot of studying and training to gain the right qualifications. After all, you’d want to set the highest standards for the criminal justice system for your society. There are many ways to make a meaningful and lasting contribution. Which one will you choose?

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