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6 Things People Forget To Do When They Move

Moving house is an administrative nightmare. You often find yourself having to do all sorts of things that you never imagined went into the process. And if you’re new to the whole experience, that’s a problem. All too often, you wind up forgetting to do things, causing you a hassle on the day of the move. 

In this post, we run through several common things that people forget to do when they move. Here they are: 

Use The Correct Packing Materials

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Using the wrong packing materials can set you up for a disaster once you reach the other end. The biggest problem is the risk of damage. Improperly packed items can lead to breakages during transit, costing you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. 

Boxes should be rigid and properly sealed. If you are using cardboard boxes, don’t pile furniture on top of them when placing them in the removal truck. Make sure that you use people with professional handling skills who understand the correct loading and unloading orders. 

Pack A Day Bag

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You don’t want to be in a situation where you arrive at your new property, only to find that the removal company is still a day away. 

Just in case of an emergency like this, you should pack a day bag with all of the things that you need to keep yourself comfortable (and fed) if there are any delays.

Remember to pack things like a toothbrush, some food and water, the keys to the new property, and possibly somewhere to sleep if the bed isn’t there already. Try to imagine that you’re going camping for the night and need stuff to keep you self-sufficient. 

Making Special Arrangements For Your Vehicles

Most regular removal companies can’t move your vehicles from one location to another. Mostly, they assume that you will drive your car to your new property yourself. But if you have more than one vehicle or a motorcycle, you’ll face challenges. 

A lot of homeowners, therefore, use motorcycle shippers. These are similar to regular removal companies, but they specialize in the transport of your vehicles, keeping them safe during transit. 

Collect The Keys

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Whatever you do, don’t forget to collect the keys from the old owner, preferably before you arrive. Usually, they’ll provide these to the estate agent who will arrange the transfer, but that’s only if you go through a regular agency. If you’re making a private sale, then you’ll need to come up with some other system. 

Check You’ve Cleaned

Your home might look clean to your standards, but new residents moving in might have a different opinion. Be sure to check that you clean all communal areas, the cupboard under the stairs, and the bathroom. Also, vacuum the shed to get rid of any detritus on the floor. 

Tell People About Your Move

Finally, don’t forget to tell all your utility companies that you’re moving. Otherwise, you’ll continue to receive bills demanding payments. And the new property owners may even have bailiffs turning up at their home if you don’t cough up the cash.

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