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7 Effective Tips for Better Child Medical Care

We can all hope for better child medical care as parents. And as a parent, it all begins with you, as you are the example your kids look up to. So it helps to quit habits such as smoking. And dental care is also a top priority to avoid issues later on. So, here are some tips to get started.

Use as Many Resources as You Can

There is no one approach to parenting, and every child doctor has their own way of doing things. But there are tried and tested recommended methods of raising healthy children both physically and mentally. The web is full of great resources you can use. Some great examples include blogs from experts such as the Pediatric Associates of Dallas. But there are also medical sites such as The Mayo Clinic, the UK’s NHS, and the American Medical Association.

Ban Bad Habits for Better Child Medical Care

It has been proven that children take on the bad habits of their parents. For instance, children who are around adults who drink alcohol on a regular basis are more likely to drink when they reach teen years. This is because the habits are normalized to them, meaning they don’t necessarily see the harm they can do. Therefore, you can be a good example, and ban alcohol from the home, quit smoking, and resolve situations with discussion instead of hard punishment. 

Improve Your Family Diet

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in many countries. In the US, it sits at around 20% of kids aged 2 to 19 years old, with other associated issues. As a parent, you are directly in control of what your children eat. So you can improve their diet. Some ways to improve family diet include educating your kids about healthy and emotional eating. But also ensuring they have a healthy breakfast, control portion size, and eat together as a family without their smartphones.

Make Exercise a Family Activity

A healthy diet is a great way to help your children avoid severe medical issues. But for a long-term approach, it can help to exercise with your kids. Some of the best ways are:

  • Walking for long periods in beautiful nature spots and public parks. 
  • Trying yoga exercises and poses designed specifically for children.
  • Dancing around with games such as Just Dance, or dancing in general to music.
  • Going outside to play in a children’s playground on monkey bars and other frames.
  • Family games that promote exercise, such as VR gaming and movement video games.

Children generally don’t like to do things that aren’t fun. But just including them in something is often enough. As a family, the trick is to make doing exercise more like fun than a daily chore.

Set Rules and Responsibilities

You cannot let your kids run the house. And the time comes when they must be responsible. This means developing some house rules and showing them the benefits of being responsible. For example, you can educate them about germs if they don’t wash their hands. Or about smells if they don’t bring their laundry. Yet it is also a good idea to set bedtimes so they learn about the benefits of getting enough sleep. Of course, small rewards don’t hurt either.

Better Child Medical Care Includes Dental

Like childhood obesity, child dental issues are plaguing our kids, and child cavities are among the most prevalent issues in the US and the UK. A culture of fizzy drinks and candy doesn’t help. But there is also some ignorance on the part of parents who don’t encourage brushing or help children do it correctly. You must ensure your kids brush their teeth twice a day (morning and before bed) for two minutes each time. You can buy a two-minute timer to help with this.

Encourage the Sharing of Feelings

The mental health of children is also a major part of their medical care. And it can really help your kids to learn about the mental side of their health when they are young. It helps to encourage children to share their feelings about something and guide them through decisions based on emotion. You can also teach them that they don’t need to be happy all the time and that other emotions are important. You just need to be a role model for how to deal with them.


Better child medical care begins at home. You can really help your kids by learning about medical issues that can affect them through online resources. But diet and exercise are also a massive help for child health. But you must also help kids cope with and express their emotions.

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