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Are Strollers Really That Hard to Buy?

I have a few friends that have become new mothers during the winter months. They have been stuck inside and are itching to get out and enjoy the nice weather. The problem is they are all trying to figure out how to get out with their kids. You would think the answer would be simple, however, I have found it’s not.

Strollers are not just strollers

I’m a pretty well-versed person when it comes to kids. I helped raise my younger siblings, babysat as a teen and have helped care for many nieces and nephews (even those not blood) However, the amount of thought that goes into buying a stroller now just baffles me, however, I do get it.

There are so many kinds of strollers out there. There are Cybex strollers that are lighter weight and easier for traveling and then there are the heavy-duty models that I remember lugging around in my early 20’s. Personally I am a fan of the more lightweight strollers.

It’s amazing to me that my friends are taking months to think about this purchase. It seems that it would be pretty straight forward. I’ve helped buy strollers before and I have never seen it take so long. My friend showed me the other day the consumer reports: stroller buying guide and I’m amazed at all the information they have.

Of course, that was before the internet, maybe that is why. Sites like Kids Land allow you to find everything you need for your child. From strollers to car seats and everything else you need.

There are just so many to choose from! There are also review sites that allow others to share their experiences. Part of me is happy I have not had children, there’s just so much out there to see and figure out.

Are you a mom? How long did it take you to pick out a stroller?

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