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Be A Diva in a New Wig

When you hear the word wig you think costumes and Halloween and fun, but not everyone who buys a wig is doing it to dress up. Some are buying a new wig to look better for a special occasion, some are trying to hide their natural hair because they hate it and some like me wear a wig because they are losing their hair.

I suffer from Alopecia,not just any type of Alopecia but Scarring Alopecia. This is permanent  hair loss and I have dealt with this since I was about 13 years old. You can read my post Life, Love and Wigs: A Struggle with Hair Loss to learn more about my experience with wearing a wig and hair loss.

Shopping for a New Wig

Shopping for wigs was so difficult back then. You had to go to the wig store, try on what they had and hoped you liked something. You could order out of a catalog but you never knew what you were going to get. There were no reviews letting you know if the wig was good or even the company for that matter. Yes this was the time before the internet, well before it was big anyway.

Now though, buying a wig is so much easier you can find so many online stores that offer wigs and one that has really caught my eye is Divatress. Now I wasn’t aware of Divatress until I was asked to do this post, but I don’t just write about anything so I took a look at their site and was so impressed. I personally hate synthetic wigs, but when you are living paycheck to paycheck you can’t be picky.

Synthetic wigs are cheaper then human hair, but I still found I hated dealing with them. Over the last few months I have learned though, that they can be easy to take care of. I  love that Divatress has the selection they have for the prices they offer and am going to get one! I wanted to share a few that I am thinking about getting. (please offer opinions as I can’t decide)

I’m a little confused as to long or short, but these are all under $30 and I like them all. I may eventually buy them all, but right now I just need one. I would be getting them all in a red or wine color as I love how it looks on me.

Help me choose!

26 thoughts on “Be A Diva in a New Wig

  1. My friends and I fancy wearing synthetic wigs in our yearly parties. If you’d ask me to choose from those three pictures, I’d choose the first one! 🙂

  2. I love wigs, always helpful when I have a bad hair day or my hair needs a break from being out for long. Wigs are also very good for protective styling when it comes to my natural hair.

  3. It really depends on the type of wig. Full Lace human hair wigs can last 10 years or more with the right care (these are expensive usually $300+). Synthetic tend to last about 6 months to 5 years depending on the quality.

  4. I love the first one too, it’s on the top of my list, but still deciding what one I want to get!

  5. I’ve only ever tried a wig out once for Halloween and when it arrived (I ordered it online) it ended up being so cheap in quality. I’ll have to try again sometime just for fun!

  6. I have recently started wearing wigs, they are so helpful when my hair is a mess or when I am in the precession of washing it. The first one looks the best in my opinion

  7. I have a girlfriend who wears the most fantastic wigs (you can’t tell it’s not her hair, except for the fact that she changes her wigs so often lol). I may have to go wig shopping…

  8. I haven’t tried wearing a wig but i know wigs can instantly change your image, and that’s cool!
    And saves you from having a hair stylist.

  9. I usually wear a full lace wig, but I am finding I love the front lace too! They are so easy to put on and look great.

  10. I usually only wear one for a while, but I’m really thinking about changing it up more. Tell your girlfriend she’s awesome!

  11. What kid of wigs do you wear? I’ve tried them all and really love full lace and lace front.

  12. I think I like either the first one or the third one. The third one is super beautiful but the hair is super long. So it just depends on if you want hair that long.

  13. Great to know how it is easier to choose and buy wigs now from online stores. The wigs you chose are pretty.

  14. I’ve never tried a wig but I really want to. I like all 3 of them for Different occasions.

  15. I have never tried a wig but it would be something to try out one day. It gives you the chance to be someone else for a bit. LOL

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