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Beyond the Big 4–0! The Essentials You Really Need To Sort!

If now you are hitting the ripe old age of 40, you might be getting the hang of things, you might be getting the balance right, but have you thought about the practical considerations? Approaching 40 is when you start to realize you’re not a spring chicken anymore. But no matter how you feel, you’ve got to factor in the eventualities that can occur after the age of 40, especially if you have children or people depending on you. So let’s give you an overview of what you really need to consider. 

Your Assets

What do you have that could cause issues, especially if you don’t set up a will? Most estate planning services can help you and go through all of the relevant details, but when it comes to your assets, it’s not just about what physical items you own, but it’s about your finances, and even your debt. If you’ve got people depending on you, and you were to pass away tomorrow, the debt would be passed on to your children. This is why it’s important to have the relevant protection in place, like life insurance, but also sorting out your estate, and getting your will ready. 

Deciding on Power of Attorney

You can make your decisions for yourself, which is why you need to know to make the decision as to who would be best to speak for you if you were unable to do so. A power of attorney is a very simple thing, and it’s so important to get it set up in advance if you are not deemed to have the sufficient mental capacity to make decisions. If a loved one is forced to handle your affairs without the power of attorney, it can be more complicated for them. Power of attorney is a very simple thing, and it’s going to reduce a lot of headaches. 

Set up a Pension

If you haven’t set up a proper pension yet, now you need to do so. There are many options for you, and if you are someone who doesn’t already pay into a pension through your employer because you’re self-employed, now is the opportunity to speak to an accountant and start putting funds to one side. While the reality is that most of us are going to be working into our 80s, for self-employed people, it’s going to be even longer! And you are now at that point where you only have over a couple of decades until you are legally allowed to retire. It will be a good idea to try and retire as close to that age as possible. 

Staying Healthy in the Right Ways

As you left your 30s, no doubt you saw you were gaining more weight, and it’s about getting these little habits and place now so that you can spend the rest of your 40s living a healthy and happy life, but well into your later years. A very simple thing, but it will increase the amount of time you are independent, able, and happy.

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