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Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

As many of you know I moved to a new apartment a few months ago. At that time I bought a new vacuum. The one I had before was good, but my sister who I had been living with needed one so I left it as a thank you for letting me crash at your place gift.

I spend a couple of weeks trying to figure out what vacuum cleaner to buy. I needed something that wasn’t too expensive but still worked well. I read reviews and eventually decided on the Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. The best part, I got it on Amazon, with my amazon move promo. You can check the price on Amazon here. I saved a ton of money when I did this and even if I hadn’t I think I made a great choice in my Vacuum purchase, here is why.

Bissel Cleanview Vacuum Review

Bissell Vacuum Review

The Bissell Cleanview is lightweight

It’s not feather light, but it’s a great lightweight vacuum. I don’t have stairs in my apartment, but I do have to move the vacuum around a bit without dragging it on the floor and I found it’s really easy to lift with just one hand.

It’s no match for cat hair

As many of you know I own two cats, Pumpkin and Dixie (follow them on Instagram!) Having two cats can cause havoc on my home. There is cat hair everywhere. At least Dixie is a short-hair, but as you can see from the picture above, Pumpkin is not.

The Bissell Cleanview is great on cat hair. I still after almost 6 months of owning it am impressed by how much cat hair this thing picks up. I only vacuum once a week or so currently and it really picks up everything the first time! I even cleaned out the vacuum and went back over my carpet the other day. I didn’t get much that second time. A very good thing when you have cats.

It has tools for everything.

One thing I learned when I was in furniture sales is that you need to take care of your sofa. I vacuum mine at least once a month as it’s only me and my cats, though I should really do it once a week with how much pet hair I have been finding behind my cushions! What I love about the Bissell Cleanview Upright is it has a great tool that picks up pet hair and other stuff from my sofa.

The vacuum includes the following tools

  • Turbo Brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Extension wand

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The cons of this vacuum

Now, I have to be honest there are a few things I wish this vacuum had, and if I had spent a bit more I could have gotten.

One is a cord rewind. This version of the Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has the manual cord wrap. So I can’t just push a button to make the cord wind back up. This is something my old vacuum had and I didn’t realize I would miss it so much, but my apartment is small so it’s not a huge deal.

I wish the extender was a bit longer, it’s a standard size, but I find that I need just a bit more in my extender. Part of this being my old vacuum had an extension on the extender so it really extended and I didn’t have to stretch at all.

Overall I really do recommend this vacuum to anyone who is looking for a great easy to carry and use a vacuum. Check out the price on Amazon here.

Six Month Update

I have now had the Bissel Cleanview for over six months and I am so happy to say I’m still impressed. Not only is it still cleaning up all of my cat’s hair, and my pumpkin has a lot of it. It still runs amazing and keeps my carpets really clean.

I am considering buying a new extender for this vacuum, but have not done that yet. As I stated in my review above it’s just not as long as my last one and though I only use it when I need to get dust out of corners that are hard to reach it’s still nice to have.

Have you tried this vacuum? Share your Bissel Vacuum Review in the comments.

Bissel  Cleanview  Vacuum Review

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