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Blogging as a Single 30 Something Women

I have learned a lot over the last eight years that I have been blogging. I understand that things change and people are looking for different things then they were when I started. I also have seen the huge growth of the mommy blog and watched as people I talked with who were just doing this as a hobby saw amazing growth as they blogged about their pregnancy, birth and children. Some dropped off and left blogging while others are pretty successful stay at home mom’s.

Over that same time I have struggled to find content, wondered if anything I wrote would or could speak to anyone. Would anyone really care about what I wrote. Could I connect with my readers. Knowing the whole time that if I could only meet that special someone and have that child I have always wanted, I could join that mommy blogger club and the worries would be a distant memory.

As the years went by I dealt with PR people who would gush about how much they loved my blog and how they would love to work with me. Then I would inform them I was single with no kids and I would never hear a word from them again. For me it wasn’t just a disappointment because I missed out on some great products that I could have shared with all of you, but it was a constant remainder that I was getting closer and closer to 30 and was still single, without any children. There were times I would cry and hate myself because I wasn’t normal. I had quite a struggle with all of it and it not only effected my blogging, but my life as well.

Now I’m not old, but where I grew up you had kids in your early 20’s or by the latest mid 20’s. I missed all of that, but now that I have hit 32 I have started to accept this, I am a strong women and I hope my blog will start to reflect that. Still I wonder why being a mom makes you a better product reviewer for things like makeup, skincare and other non-kid items. I have a feeling this will be something I will never understand. I love reviewing and that is the main reason I love blogging, only on my blog can I share fun new finds and also share myself with you.

Though so much has changed since I started blogging so many years ago, I wouldn’t change anything. I have met some amazing people, a few I still talk with, while most have moved on, but it’s a great life experience and for this millennial that will just have to be enough for now.

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