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Carrying On The Memory of Your Deceased Dog

When your beloved canine friend passes away there will be so many emotions running through your mind in that moment. Of course, you will need to go through the grieving process at your own pace and discover a way to carry on their memory with honor.

It’s no secret that dog owners see their pet as one of the family, so it’s important to talk about your dog, cherish every fond memory you had and celebrate the good times you enjoyed together. If you have recently experienced a pet loss, here are a handful of ways to carry on their memory in the near and far future.

A Dog Urn

When you sadly say goodbye to your much-loved dog, it’s important to find a sentimental place to hold onto their ashes or remains. Holding a short memorial service for your canine companion is the ideal way to find closure during this time of sadness. Additionally, you may want to invest in a dog urn, which would be the perfect place for your old friend to rest in your home. Not only can you choose from an array of shapes, colors, and sizes, but you can also include special quotes and text for a truly personalized touch.

A Photobook

Now would be the perfect time to open up your photo albums and reminisce on all of the wonderful times you shared with your beloved pup. If most of your photos are stored safely on your phone it might be worth printing them off into a photobook. This treasured piece of memorabilia can be held onto forever and it provides you with the perfect way to remember your lovely dog.

Birthday Celebrations

Even though your dog is no longer with you, that shouldn’t stop you from holding a wonderful birthday celebration for them every year. It is the ideal moment to reflect on their beauty, think about all of the happy times, and express gratitude that they made such an impact on your life. You could make their birthday a small intimate celebration with friends or you could get the whole family involved; everyone will deal with this process in a different way.


When you’re grieving the loss of a treasured pet, it’s important to talk openly about your emotions with someone you trust. Emotions can start to build up if you don’t address them as they arise. Do some research and find a support group online if you think you need further help to cope with your grief.

Coming to terms with the death of your beautiful dog will take time and the healing process may be a long road. However, you can look ahead to better times and enjoy reminiscing on the funny, memorable, and treasured moments you had together. Whether you’re admiring the beautiful dog urn on your mantelpiece or you’re sifting through a dedicated photobook of your dog, there are so many ways to create beautiful memories that will last for years to come.

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