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Common Signs That You Might Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is often referred to as an invisible health condition, this means that the early signs of hearing loss are easily looked over and commonly missed or misinterpreted.

Unlike other common medical conditions, there is no physical appearance to hearing loss. Because most of the changes are gradual, it can be really easy for people with hearing loss to cope with it and not notice the exact extent of the loss. It’s only when it’s pointed out by others who have noticed the signs that they realize how bad it can be. They become accustomed to it. It’s not uncommon for family and friends to be the ones who notice first. 

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How Do You Recognise Hearing Loss? 

Think about some of the following, is you find that more than one applies to your it may be time to get your hearing tested: 

  • You have problems following conversations. 
  • You ask people to repeat themselves. 
  • You often think that people are mumbling or are speaking too quickly.
  • You find it more difficult to understand children and women. 
  • You find that you have buzzing or ringing in your ears. 
  • Can you hear better in one ear than the other? 
  • You struggle to hear and follow conversations on the telephone. 
  • You’ve started to turn the volume to a level that others find too loud. You may find that you have always had it one level and have now had to gradually increase it. 
  • Are you avoiding noisy places because it either causes you ear pain or you can’t follow the conversations? 
  • Do you ever misunderstand what people are saying to you? 
  • You you feel extra tired after having to focus in noisy environments to follow the conversation.
  • If you experience more than one of these on a regular basis you should arrange to see your GP who can make any relevant referrals to a hearing specialist. 


You will find that people with hearing loss have more difficulty following conversations and children and women’s voices (because of pitch). The most common complaint that people make is that they find others to mumble or talk too quick. Hearing loss is also commonly accompanied by tinnitus. Having a buildup of earwax, certain medications, exposure to loud sounds and hearing loss can all cause ringing in the ears or tinnitus so if you’re concerned it’s best to seek medical help so they can determine the cause. It can be the first sign of hearing loss but it’s not always the case. 


If you can apply any of the above to yourself then it might be time to schedule a complete hearing test with a hearing specialist. There is many effective treatments available for hearing loss, so they will be able to work with you to help. The most common way to treat hearing loss is with the use of hearing aids. Occasionally medication or surgery is required. A hearing specialist will perform a hearing test, diagnose and then treat your personal hearing loss, you may then be sent for a hearing aid fitting appointment where they will help you to understand how to take care of your aids. 

Early detection is the key to helping with hearing loss, so if you notice any of the problems discussed in this article you should consider visiting your GP for a referral to a hearing specialist. Do you have any other advice that you can share on in the comments below?

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