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A Little About Holly and Hollybee Tells: updated July 2019

I am a mid 30’s blogger who started blogging over 10 years ago. I was college student for extra money and needed something that would work around school. This is my 5th blog and I really love what I do.  I do not have children, but I do have two kittens I treat as my children, they are very spoiled. I love to read, and enjoy reading all types of books, my favorite books are historical fiction, mystery/thriller and historical christen fiction. I enjoy following political issues and I really love a good deal. I am one of 5 children and I am enjoy spending time with my family.

I have been a type 2 diabetic since 2007 and I am very big on promoting truths about this chronic illness. I also have an anxiety disorder and love to talk on that also. I feel that more people need to be informed about both if these disabilities so that they know how to act around people who have them.

Who this blog is for:

Hollybee Tells is a lifestyle blog, I talk about anything that catches my eye or my mind.

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About my reviews and giveaways:

I work eagerly in my reviews to provide an authentic, detail-oriented study of a product or service, and like to include many personal photos of these products in use.

I also make use of several social networking platforms to promote my reviews and giveaways, including direct links to your pages and profiles, as well as to your company’s website.

When doing giveaways I will require that my readers visit your web site. Extra entries may include “liking” your Facebook page, following you on twitter, or subscribing to your newsletter(s), if applicable.

I do also list my giveaways using my own social networking platforms, as well as on various online sweepstakes/giveaway sites to maximize exposure of your company.

These are items I am interested in reviewing on my blog

  • Household items, such as cleaners, appliances, decor, kitchen gadgets etc… (These items may also receive a second review on my interior design and home blog)
  • Beauty products
  • Food products
  • Beverage products
  • Gifts
  • Electronics
  • Items for cats

I also am very interested in doing on site reviews. I have preformed mystery shopping audits in the past and would love to come review your restaurant, hotel or casino.


Hollybee Tells abides by the following policies in regards to Product Reviews:

PR Friendly

  • Reviews are FREE of charge as long as product is valued over $50. If under $50 I do charge a $40 fee
  • Each review will get two no follow links to their website included.
  • I reserve the right to refuse the review if you send a product that was not agreed upon.
  • A full size product is required for all reviews and will not be returned.
  • Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for your review to be completed.

If the wrong item is shipped (size, color, quantity, actual item, etc) or the item sent is damaged- I will not conduct my review. You have the option to send the correct or new item, if first was damaged. If you provide a prepaid label and I will gladly send the incorrect item back. The 3-6 weeks to do the review start after I receive the corrected item.

If you have a specific date in mind for the review to be posted, I will try to work with you to accommodate your request, this will be on a case by case basis

If I have negative review, it will be posted! I of course will try to highlight the things I found that were good about the product, but please be very sure of your product before sending it to me. If I really can not find anything I like about it. I will contact you before doing a review.

If you want your product reviewed within a week of me receiving the product a $25 additional fee will be charged for the rush.


Hollybee Tells abides by the following policies in regards to Product Giveaways:

Giveaways are FREE of charge when combined with a Product Review that meets the product review guidelines.

Giveaways without a Product Review are subject to a fee. Fee varies depending on the giveaway needs. (Please contact me to discuss)

Please inform me what the exact prize(s) is/are when setting up the giveaway.

Please let me know if the giveaway is open to US & Canada, or US only.

I use Giveaway Tools for all of my giveaways, this provides not only a more secure way to enter the giveaway, but also allows easy tracking of participants.

I will not be held responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. Please do not mail me the giveaway prize with the review product.

I ask that you ship your prize to the giveaway winner within a reasonable amount of time after the giveaway ends.

*I will disclose product reviews, giveaways and sponsored posts to our readers and clearly define them as such material.


Please contact me via the contact form if you would like me to advertise for you on Hollybee Tells, please put “Advertising on Hollybee Tells” in the subject line.

All links are “no follow”

I do accept Paypal and all ads must be paid for in advance.

I am not interested in link exchanges at this time

You are responsible for emailing me the correctly sized ad image or link information.

I will contact you two weeks before your paid space expires to see if you want to continue advertising with me.

I do also do sponsored posts with links/images

Ad Packages: (prices subject to change)

Small Square 125×125 in sidebar  (2 spaces available)

  • 3 months =  $15.50
  • 6 months  = $31.00
  • 12 months = $60.50
  • 500 words 2 no follow links: $55
  • For each additional 200 words I charge $10
  • Each additional no follow link: $15 (limit 4)

**All packages (except sponsored post) include a permanent blog post introduction or short review about your company that will be permanent on my blog, Facebook page and a tweet about your company on Twitter twice per paid month.