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Create the Kitchen or Bath of Your Dreams

When it comes to designing a kitchen or bath there are many things you can do on your own, however, a full kitchen or bath design needs to be done by a professional.

As an interior designer/home designer, I see many people who have attempted these types of remodels on their own and they have never turned out pretty. There are things done wrong and usually, it’s expensive to fix them.

Many people try to do home remodels on their own for a few different reasons:

  • Cost
  • They know someone who has been scammed
  • They watch too many home improvement shows and think it’s easy
  • They have a friend that is handy and can help

Most of these reasons may seem like good reasons to tackle your home project on your own, however, they really are not. The cost of hiring someone is not as much as you would think. Scammers are also not as common as you may think.

As much as I myself love watching HGTV, I know that most of what they do can’t be done in a few days and they have a lot of money behind them to get some of these things done.

The last one can be great if you can rely on your friends and they actually know what they are doing. My advice, however, is to find a professional to do your job correctly.

A local Kitchen and Bath Design search is your most useful tool

The good news is you can find great Kitchen and Bath designers by doing a simple local search, just type in your town followed or proceeded by kitchen or bath remodel. Let’s say you live in Houston, you could do the following search: bath remodels Houston. This search would bring up every designer/remodeler in your area.

You can also check out your local HBA site for trusted builders and remodelers. You can find your local association at the NAHB website here. The builders listed on the NAHB site are all certified builders you can trust.

Help your designer and builder

You can help your designer and builder by knowing what you like and don’t like. Check out magazines and even kitchen and bath design on Pinterest. Check out as many kitchens or baths as you can. This will make the design process so much easier.

Another thing you will need to do is figure out a budget and what you can realistically afford to do. Kitchens and baths are some of the most expensive remodel you can do.

You may have to give a little in order to get your project done, keep in mind, however, there are things like appliances that you could add later on easily if they are currently out of your budget. Make sure to let your designer know if that is the case.

Designing your perfect kitchen or bath doesn’t have to include a headache, just find the right professional for your job and make sure to talk to people that have used them if possible.

Doing your research before the job starts is the best way to get the kitchen or bath you desire without the stress of doing it yourself.

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