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Creating Calm In Your Life

I have been working hard to find less stress and more peace in my life. When you talk the time to find ways to relax you not only can help keep yourself in a less stressful state, you can also help many health problems as well.

When it comes to finding peace and calm in our lives, it typically starts with a significant effort to make it happen. It usually occurs when we have had enough of a particular situation, or feel like we are wrung out. And, life is busy – so it is hardly surprising that many of us feel that way. 

But when it comes to creating calm, it really depends on what you want and what you need as to how you can create it. In general, though, there are a few areas that are going to help you. 


If you aren’t sleeping, then all of the small stressors around going to feel much more significant than you are. But if you really struggle to sleep, you can do certain things to help you relax instead. The Calm app has a range of sleep stories and calming music to help you drift off much easier, and in most cases after a few nights, you will be asleep within the first few seconds of the story. Getting out in the fresh air during the day, drinking enough water and eating well will all contribute too. 


Many people struggle to start meditation. If you feel like something out of your comfort zone, but the truth is once you start you can build up a great routine, and just ten minutes a day will give you such a relaxing, calming boost you’ll notice the difference within a week or so. You don’t have to start off with 10+ minutes. You can start simply by breathing steady for as little as three minutes. During that time, you keep an eye on where your mind goes, and if you feel it wandering off, then bring it back to your breathing. Questions about meditation are normal, but luckily there are experts who can help. Start slow and build this good habit into your daily life. 


There is something beautiful about finding scents that bring you back to yourself. Candles with homely scents like baking and hot apples may bring great comfort to many. Others enjoy the sea breeze and fresher outdoor scents, and that reminds them of evenings walking along the beach. Lavender, chamomile and lemon balm are all great for relaxing. You can light candles in the space you choose to relax in, or buy oil that you apply to your pressure points and top yourself up during the day. 

Warm Tea

While millions of us are walking around enjoying a perked up moment from coffee, you can bring a wind-down moment in with a warm tea. Chamomile, mint, rooibos and other herbals teas are fantastic for bringing a calm and warm for moments. Herbal teas also have a range of health benefits which can help even more. 

Creating calm doesn’t happen in one swoop. Instead, it takes some small changes that add up to a more significant change. Building in beneficial good habits into your life, and always being kind to yourself can give you the calm that you are seeking.

5 thoughts on “Creating Calm In Your Life

  1. These are great tips for creating calm in your life. I have been working on that, but I had not thought of using different scents. I am adding a scented candle to my shopping list right now. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with these tips. I have also been working on creating that calm as a goal for myself this fall. This morning I’m doing pretty good, cozied up while I work on the computer with some hot tea, the diffuser running, and a candle lit nearby. 🙂

  3. I love this! Reminds me of hygge. Calm is something I’ve been learning to take the time to create more of in my life. Great post.

  4. These are great tips! Diffusing lavender essential is definitely helps me find calmness and relax.

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