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Custom Holiday Cards? It’s time to Start Shopping at Minted


I love the holidays. For me it starts now with Halloween, but our December holidays are fast approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about custom holiday card. Weather you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza you may be looking at sending a card. Why not make it special and create an amazing custom card for your loved ones.

I love personalized cards because it really shows what is going on with someone, usually they are of cute kids, fun adventures or just wonderful holiday family photos. For my custom cards I will be taking pictures of me and my cats, yes I’m a crazy cat lady, but I don’t have kids and I want to start sending cards again this year. I will not though be dressing them up, they would hate me.

I did find some very cute Holiday cards on Minted that I loved and I just had to show them to you. What I love most about Minted is the choices you have, there are just so many wonderful options! You can choose the layout, style and add extras like foil and you can even create an ornament card! The first I had to pick as Holly is always a first choice for me, because well, I’m Holly.


  • This year, Minted launched a NEW service called Text Us Your Photo. Simply text us your favorite holiday photo, and your Minted stylist will text you back your photo styled in 5 holiday card designs – for FREE.
  • Find It Fast – this tool saves time by allowing you to see your photo in every holiday card design at once.
  • Buy Now Personalize Later – Take advantage of a promotional offer and buy your holiday card now. You can come back to finish personalizing with photos, text, or addresses at any time.
  • Free recipient and return addressing for your cards!

Need some ideas for your cards check out the Minted’s Top-Voted Holiday Card Designs and get some great ideas for your cards. I personally love the the 2017 winners card. It’s classic, yet so much fun too! What do you think of it?

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