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Dealspotr.com Website Review

I love a great deal and I know you do too. Recently I was introduced to Dealspotr.com and everything they have to offer. I’m always on the lookout for amazing deals and love sharing them with people and with Dealspotr I can do just that!

The site itself is very easy to use, though you do want to take about 10 minutes to look around and learn a bit about the site. You can customize the brands you want to see and what deals you want to find. That means that you don’t see deals for places you don’t shop or places that are not near you! I love this as I want to see deals for what I can actually get, not a deal for a fast food place in Texas when I’m in Michigan and not traveling. Side note on that: I also love that you can subscribe to deals for when you travel and unsubscribe when you get home!

You can also see the latest deals, deals your friends love and deals for just you. This is really nice, because lets face it you don’t know you will like something until you try it and finding great deals that people who are like you love is the perfect way to check out something new! The categories they offer are great too. I can check out all things chocolate, tea, dental care and even healthcare deals all from my computer and all from one spot.

You also can earn points for Amazon gift cards and it’s really very easy to start earning.

  • You can earn points in a few different ways
  • You can spot a deal and if it becomes a hot deal you get points.
  • You can submit a new deal, they do check these so make sure to see if it’s already posted.
  • You can flag a deal if it no longer works or is invalid
  • Completing the daily checklist, these change everyday and is a great way to earn points!
  • There are many other ways to earn points too!

I also love how you can grow a community on Dealspotr.com it’s not just about finding the deal, but connecting with people who love the same things you do. I’m just starting to explore all of the amazing people on the site and really love the diversity and ability to message some of them, really I’m all about making new friends.

Are you a blogger and want to help Dealspotr.com grow and become an amazing site??? Join their blogger program and use code eRXWF6gF for a bonus! This is only open to bloggers and you must have a blog to sign up.

Come join me on Dealspotr.com and find some great deals with me!

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