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Destination Wedding or Close Affair?


If you are planning a wedding you know that having the right location to have your wedding is important. What bride wants to settle for a sub par location that may make you have to cut your guest list? Not any bride I know! There are many things you can do to make sure you have the perfect location for you wedding. The big question is Destination Wedding or Close Affair?

Close or Far for your wedding?

Figure out what location is most convenient for you and if possible your guest. You don’t want to choose a location everyone has to travel to unless you are doing a small destination wedding. You want a location that you can get to and look at and be able to go back again. It’s also nice to be close to the location you choose so that you can be more involved in the actually planning at your location.

When sitting down to decide where you want to have your wedding make a list. This list should include the people who would have to travel to your wedding if it was close. The people who are close to you and where you would like to have your wedding. Close by and far away options. Look at all the information and figure out if moving to a location away from yours will help people you really want at your wedding get there. If that is not a problem go from there.

Benefits of staying close for your wedding

Some people love the idea of staying close by their home for there wedding. Some of the benefits to staying close by are wonderful. Maybe you met at a park, you could see if it’s possible to get married there. The same for other locations that have special meaning to you. Maybe you can have your rehearsal dinner at the same place you had your first date. You could have your wedding where they proposed. The options are endless and having your wedding at a place with meaning is special.

Another reason to stay close is that you can keep up with the location and if there are changes be aware of what is happening. You also may have more support from friends or family who can help you get your location wedding ready.

Things to keep in mind with a Destination wedding

That said, destination weddings are a huge thing right now, personally if I ever get married I would do a destination wedding. It would be small and I would pay for my immediate family and friends to go, but that’s it. When it comes to a destination wedding you have to plan extra time off, more money then you would think and a smaller wedding. Of course if you have money that may not matter, but most of us do not.

One important thing when planning a destination wedding is to check out the website of the location you are thinking. Now I know this seems normal, but I’m talking about the city website, not the actual hotel or resort website you are thinking about. You need to know what is around the area in case there is a problem after you arrive. Also if you are having guest that are coming and paying their own way they may not be able to afford the hotel you are staying at. Knowing what is around the area you have chosen and finding cheaper alternatives, if there are any, is helpful for anyone wanting to join your special day.

Another thing you want to really consider is hiring a wedding planner if the location you are using does not have one. You want someone local to that area who can handle everything while you are not there. Most places have people in place, but it may cost more. This is a really great idea, because having someone close will allow them to make changes if needed. If there are last minute problems they know the area and can come up with a backup if needed.

You will also want to travel to the location at least a month before to choose last minute things such as the cake, the flowers and other important things. You can go for just a few days or take a week if you can.

Near or far, planning a wedding can be a fun experience or a stressful one. It all depends on how organized you are or how flexible you are. Can you let the little things go? Once you find the location you want to be at the rest of it really is not too hard. Keep your head on, be honest with the people around you and remind them it is your and your fiancées day.

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