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DIY Christmas Catch all from the Dollar Tree

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It’s coming up fast, Christmas and the holiday season. I love this time of year because I can get really creative and design some amazing items that make your home warm and inviting. The best part is I don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so. Take this DIY Christmas Catch All for example. I bought all of this at Dollar Tree!

Yes, I got all of it at Dollar Tree, and with a bit of patience and some hot glue you too can make this amazing catch all.

Here is what you will need for your DIY Christmas Catch All:

  • A holiday basket
  • two cute decorations. 
  • a package of holiday battery powered lights.

The Christmas package bunch as I like to call this has a very helpful clip you can use to attach to the basket. The rest of the items I attached with hot glue. It took a bit of time, but I think the end result was well worth it and a very unique Christmas decor item.

Then I wrapped the led lights around the basket hooking them using the holiday bunches and this was the result. I really love this DIY Christmas catch all and it will be great to put holiday candy or cookies in.

What would you use this DIY Christmas Catch all for?

12 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Catch all from the Dollar Tree

  1. I was thinking about using it for that and realized I don’t get that many Christmas cards… maybe if I sent them.. haha

  2. What a cute idea and project. I will for sure share with my friends that celebrate Christmas (I do not). Actually, maybe it is a gift I will get them!!!

  3. I love this idea. The lights from there are so cute! I would love to make this a project for me and my littles!

  4. This reminds me to decorate the house because in a month it’s gonna be Christmas already. You got nice stuff there. I will check on those soon.

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