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Do You Know Your Responsibilities as an Employee?

You often hear about the responsibilities of an employer when it comes to treating employees right, but you don’t often hear about what the responsibilities of an employee is. Heading into a new job means you have to play by the rules too, and understanding these is essential if you want to have a successful and rewarding career. So, let’s take a look at some rules and responsibilities of an employee, including your work rights, workplace etiquette, and professional development.

Understand your employment contract

Once you’ve accepted a job, the first thing you’ll be presented with is an employment contract. Many people actually fail to read it through. It’s important to read through so that you can understand your responsibilities and rights within the company, as well as what’s expected from your role.

You should pay special attention to your salary, any benefits offered, work hours and any clauses that could lead to your termination. If you’re not sure of anything, don’t sign it until you’ve had it clarified by your new employer. That way, you can enter your new employment confident of what’s expected from you. Don’t forget that your employment contract is a legal document!

Know your rights

No matter what your position in the company, you have rights in the workplace. These rights include freedom from harassment and discrimination, the right to a safe working environment, and also fair compensation for the work you’re expected to do.

You may also want to find out what your rights are when it comes to overtime, breaks, and any paid vacation days. And, if you feel like your rights are being violated, it’s important to speak up! If no action is taken, then you should get some legal advice on how to solve the problem.

Follow workplace etiquette and culture

While everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, it’s important to follow etiquette in the workplace. This means you’ll need to be punctual, dress appropriately, and respect everyone in the workplace. You should find out what the rules are when it comes to taking personal calls or using social media in the workplace. Not only is it respectful, but it can help your professional image and help climb the ladder too.

Progress your skills

If you want to progress in your career, then it’s your responsibility to take action. Take advantage of any training offered through your employer, and take the time to get feedback on the work you complete. You could also speak to your manager about your career goals and ask what you can do to get closer to your goal. They will be happy to help because your progression will also help their business.

Know when to get help

Finally, knowing when to get help from a workers’ compensation lawyer is important, especially if you work in a high-risk or physically demanding job. They can help if you’ve been injured on the job to get the compensation and/or benefits you’re entitled to. You have a right to speak to one, so don’t hold off for your health and well-being.

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