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Does Money Really Have To Be So Complicated?

When it comes to earning, keeping, and spending money, there seems to be a lot you can do wrong. We’re taught (hopefully) from a young age how to handle finances, and often enough we’re told that we have to grow up and get a job that’s going to bring in a good income. And that can disillusion a lot of us from a huge part of life, and we get left behind whilst our friends seem to be making money off of investment after investment! What’s the deal?

Well, money does have a complicated side to it, but you don’t need a degree in accounting or business studies to get on with it. And when you’re in a stage of your life when money is a bit of a touchy subject, you need all the help and advice you can get to make sure you’re never dipping into the red unnecessarily! So here’s a few of the best ideas for you to learn about when it comes to keeping money simple.

If only getting paid was all we had to look out for… (Credit)

Have Some Rules in Place To Always Spend By

Otherwise known as budgeting, if you’ve got some spending rules in place, your money will end up looking after itself! It’s good practice to go into a supermarket with a shopping list in hand and to never deviate from it, not matter how glittering those sale shelves are, so apply this kind of rule to other facets of your financial life.

A rule such as cutting down on takeaways and cooking for yourself is a good one to implement. Whilst getting a Chinese for one delivered doesn’t seem like a lot of money at the time, the more and more you do it, the worse a price tag gets. There’s only a small portion of your budget that needs to go on food anyway, especially when you factor in everything else you have to pay for. Make sure those luxuries are never getting too luxurious, unless you’re saving up for them to be of course!

At the same time, don’t let yourself think you’re being too tight with your finances, as this can easily lead to some misspending. You put rules in place for a reason, and only you are going to suffer the consequences if you break them! It’s nice to budget for a couple of months, see all your hard work build up, and then use all the money we saved on a night or or a holiday, so make sure you have a goal like this in mind to save your money to put towards. This way, you’ll never end up buying something you don’t need!

Have More Than One Income Method at Once

You’ve got a job, you’ve got a daily wage that comes in the form of your paycheck every fortnight or so, and usually people like to stop there. They struggle with living off of this income, especially if minimum wage is all they get for a 40 hour week, and it just doesn’t sit right with them. Well it shouldn’t! Of course we can’t do anything about the wage we receive on our own, which are often unfair rates for the time and effort we put in for a company, but we can try to supplement them with other activities. Making money can be very simple when you think about the time you have on your hand and what you’re good at!

And when you’ve got an internet connection and a bit of spare time on your hands, you can be well on your way to raking it in each month by following those two simple principles. You can dedicate at least half an hour each day to filling out paid surveys or commenting on people’s Instagram and Twitter pages, thus building your own following and exposure to sponsorships. The internet is a web of money you can start to weave into, as long as you’ve got the energy to keep at it.

If you’ve got a bit more time than that, you can even start to write an e-book or your own online course for people to sign up to for only a few dollars at a time. And when you’ve got a skill that people are after, and you make it easy to understand and follow for people of all skill levels, you’re going to generate some amazing reviews. And those generate even more quick dollars from the people who read and sign up as a result. Just a bit of thinking and money could be flying your way!

Remember, Loans are Simpler Than Everyone Thinks!

Ah, the idea of loaning. Something we’re quick to condemn when we’ve got money and then turn to when we’re getting a little desperate before our next paycheck. Of course there’s a good and bad side to borrowing money from people who aren’t friends and family, but the pros and cons only tend to balance each other it. It’s the company you turn to, the amount your borrow, and how long you’re borrowing it for that really matter, so make sure you know the boundaries before you look into taking a loan out.

Go to this web page if you need some advice, or just to have a look around to see what kind of finance could be on the table when you’re in need of some quick cash. Just be sure to read through all terms and conditions when you get them, and that you know what APR rates mean for you in the long term.

Is Money too Complicated for You?

It is for lots of people, and sometimes it’s purposely made that way. When you have a lot of money, you’re likely to take everyone with a pinch of salt. When you don’t have much money, you’re more likely to donate to charity… There’s a lot of imbalance in the financial world! Hopefully, we can make it easier on you.

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