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Does Your Business Need a Merchant Account?

If you have heard of a merchant account but you don’t know if you need one, you are in the right place. Merchants accounts are an invaluable addition to your business, and they are there to allow you to send and receive instant payments easily. If you are running your business online, it could be an invaluable way for you to build your business and ensure that you get your payments on time. 

What is a high risk merchant? Merchant accounts are a type of business bank account that are essential to start accepting online payments. Most businesses that start online rely on these types of accounts to gain payments on time from their customers.

When you work with a third party payment service provider you don’t need to open a separate account. In these cases, you become a sub merchant, which means that you can use an account on your PSP instead. A business that accepts any form of card payment whether it’s credit or debit card, needs to have a merchant account. What are the benefits? Let’s read on and learn.

  • You gain an array of services. Merchant accounts offer your business services that you can benefit from; these can include setting recurring billing, digital invoicing, receiving or even sending any kind of online payment. You can also use services such as those that monitor your cash inflow and outflow.
  • Digital payments take less time to process. In the days where we used to pay everything by cheque, payments could take up to a week to clear. Thankfully, I’ve moved on with the help of digital banking. Digital payments take a lot less time to process and to settle, so having this kind of account allows you to receive your payments much more quickly. With better cash flow, you gain better opportunities for your business and this is something you definitely need.
  • You get to expand what your business can offer. If you are the type of business with a merchant account, you will be able to offer a wide range of digital payment methods. You can then give more flexibility to your customers and they will be more loyal to it. When you offer multiple payment methods, you can deliver better customer satisfaction and improve your brand experience. This can really help you build that loyalty.
  • You can offer strong data security to your customers. When you have a merchant account, you are able to add an extra layer of security to all payments. This will ensure that your customers will want to come back to you time and again because they know that they are safe in your hands.
  • You can detect frauds and scams much earlier. The advanced technology that comes with the merchant account allows you to ensure that you are not a victim of any frauds or scams. This will make a big difference not only to your business, but to the customers and the way that they think of you.

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