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Easy Ways To Save Money As A Dog Owner

Adopting a dog is incredibly rewarding. The trouble is, as much as you might love your furry friend, they won’t ever hold down a job. Everyone knows that a pet is a huge financial responsibility, and, try as you might, you can’t pay the bills with puppy kisses and unconditional love. Even small expenses will pile up, especially if you don’t shop around or plan for them. The good news is, it is possible to cut costs. With that in mind, here are six ways to save money.

Buy Food In Bulk

Dogs tend to eat a lot. The good news is, you can often cut the cost of food by purchasing more of it. Larger bags tend to cost less per kilo than smaller ones, so it makes sense to stock up. When you notice a special offer on the smaller bags, however, you must remember to check the difference. If it works out cheaper per kilo to buy smaller bags, then stick with them instead. 

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Visit Your Local Vet

Although there’s no way to prevent your dog from ever getting sick, catching an illness before it gets worse does work out to be more cost-effective. This is why you should request a full physical every time you visit your vet. By carrying out a thorough examination, a vet is more likely to catch a condition before it becomes serious. You should also keep up with any vaccinations.

Look For Medication Online

Many of the medications given by a vet can be purchased online. What’s more, they’re often cheaper too. While you might have to pay your vet to write a prescription for certain drugs, like vetmedin 5mg, you can still cut costs significantly. Medications that don’t require a prescription, such as a flea treatment, are even less expensive to source, so make sure you shop around.

Make Your Own Toys

As much as your dog loves toys, they don’t need expensive ones to have fun. If your pet enjoys a game of tug, then knot an old T-shirt to create a rope. You can also make sensory fun by stuffing an old sock with an empty water bottle. If you have children, give their old stuffed animals to your furry friend. Not only are they free, but your pooch will love that they smell like the family.

Give Grooming A Go

Keeping your dog groomed is an important responsibility. However, having your pet combed, washed, trimmed, clipped, and brushed by a pro can cost a small fortune. The good news is, many of these tasks are quite easy to do at home. As long as you have the right tools to hand, there’s no reason why you can’t groom your own dog. There is lots of advice online to help.

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Join A Sitting Circle

Taking your pet with you everywhere you go is impossible. Unfortunately, the costs involved in hiring a sitter can be impossible too. This is why you should join a sitting circle. This means that you would take care of someone else’s dog in exchange for them looking after yours. If there aren’t any circles in your area, you could create one or ask a loved one to take your dog in.

Owning a dog can be pricey, but, with the advice above, you should have no trouble cutting costs. 

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  1. I love what you have here and I do most of what you have here, I have to , its the only way I could keep my furry babies.

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