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Eight Ways To Ask The Universe For The Right Love

Whether you believe in karma or manifesting, many of us feel that the universe has a part to play in how well we do in life. If you’re looking for love, there are ways you can use the universe to attract the right kind of love into your life. As well as romantic, use these tips to manifest more love in the form of friendships, family bonds and love for yourself.


Love Yourself First

Show love to yourself before you worry about showing love to others. Some self-care is the best way to take care of yourself and get you ready to accept love from someone else. If you’re guilty of negative self-talk, like criticising your appearance, make an effort to cut this behaviour out. Instead, talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend. You wouldn’t tell her that her face was ugly, but would instead focus on complimenting her beautiful smile. Practice good habits, like regular exercise, proper sleep and a healthy diet to help yourself fit and healthy. 

Tell the universe what you want.

If you want a romantic partner, make a list of what you want. Don’t think of a specific person, and avoid physical descriptions. Instead think about the kind of partnership you want and let the universe know it. For example, think about a partner who will enjoy being active outdoors with you, make you feel loved and supported and will want to raise a family with you. Get specific, but stay focussed on the feelings, not the physical. Write it down, or keep this idea in your mind and think about it regularly to imagine those feelings. 

Don’t give in to pressure

Ignore the pressure from other people to get into a relationship. Remember that you have value, regardless of your relationship status. Your life can be full of joy and satisfaction whether you have a partner or not. Your career, friendships, family and hobbies can all bring you immense satisfaction and are just as worthy or pride and attention as romance. 

You have value

Remember to value yourself and demand what you deserve. Don’t give your time to someone who doesn’t deserve, appreciate or respect you. Anyone like hasn’t earned a place in your life. Don’t give space to a relationship that makes you feel worse about yourself. Instead, only give your time to a relationship that improves your life, and makes you feel good, instead of stressed or sad. 

Try something different

If you really want to make the universe work hard for you, you could think outside the box and try a more unusual approach, like Voodoo. Voodoo spells can be used to make your current relationship stronger, to return a lost love, or make you luckier in love.  

Become an amazing person

Put out into the universe the sort of energy you want to get back from it and take advantage of karma. Behave in a positive, loving way to get love and positivity back from the universe. Make sure you’re being the kind of friend, family member, partner or colleague that you would like to have. By being this way, the people in your life will value you more and may even behave better towards you. 

Don’t forget about your friends

If you’re dating someone new, try not to get too wrapped up in your romance bubble and forget about your friends. When you emerge from the haze of the early days of your relationship, you don’t want to find your friends have moved on. Show them you value them and make sure to find time to spend together. To help your friends get to know your new partner, why not plan some group activities so you can spend time with both? Host casual game nights, invite friends round for dinner or a barbecue, or go out for drinks or dinner all together. 

Do you really want a relationship?

Identify why you’re seeking a relationship and see if there are other ways you can meet that need. Seeking a relationship for the right reasons attracts a more healthy kind of love, so make sure your life is full before seeking love.

If you want a companion, work on building your friendships and encourage your friends to be a support network and cheerleaders for others, instead of seeking a partner to be your support. If you’re feeling lonely, why not use the feeling to do something positive. For example, help out other lonely people by volunteering with a retirement near you. The elderly are often lonely in later life, but by visiting to read or play games, you’re helping someone else, and putting out that all important love into the universe.

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