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ExoGun Massage Therapy Device Review

It’s been a long year for me. I had my sister and her family staying with me while she went through cancer treatment and I gave up on taking care of myself. She has completed treatment and is clear of all cancer. She has also moved out and now it’s time to concentrate on me.

That means working out more and trying to lose weight. As a diabetic, this is so important. I currently suffer from poor blood sugar control and I have poor circulation in my legs causing me pain and making it hard to work out.

I was asked to review the ExoGun Massage Therapy Device and when I read it helped to improve circulation I was excited to jump on the chance. I also suffer from a pinched nerve in my neck and I had been getting massages for a few months before the lockdown and they were helping, but now I couldn’t do that. My hope was that this massage device would be a good replacement.

My review of the ExoGun Massage Therapy Device

I was not disappointed with this gun at all. I took it out of the box, charged it up and tried it out that day. I used the ball attachment on my neck and set the gun at setting two after checking the settings on my leg. Even at this low setting, I started to feel my muscles relax quickly and the tightness in my neck started to ease.

I was excited as even trying to rub my neck with my hands was not working well and I was going crazy trying to figure out anything that would help. I then decided to try the gun on my legs. Now, my legs are always really tight even if I don’t work out. I have such poor circulation that I have dark areas on my legs from lack of blood flow.

I was a bit worried that the gun would hurt as even just touching my legs at times was painful, however starting at the very lowest setting and just slowly working on my legs helped. I did that for a few days and then slowly over time moved the gun up to a higher setting. I am now at setting 5 and it’s amazing. My legs don’t hurt as much and I’m able to workout without as much pain.

I actually use the gun on my legs before and after my workout. Because my legs are so tight it’s hard for me to walk without pain. The good news is that I can now walk and do my dance workouts easily because of this gun. It’s just amazing.

I will say I still have the dark spots as I still do have poor circulation though this gun has been helping. I see my doctor next month and I have talked about this gun with her. She is interested to see how it may help with my circulation also. (I am not saying it will cure poor blood circulation, but it seems to help in my experience)

If you’re an active person, this is a massage device you need to get. It’s really amazing and I’m so happy to have had the chance to review it for you. If your someone with back pain who may not be very active or like me with poor circulation you may want to take a look at this too. It’s really that amazing and it’s crazy how it’s changed my life. I am just able to move better and that helps with my weight loss.

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