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Fun Valentine’s Date: We Will Rock You

Seeing a stage show has to be one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime, and for Queen fans both young and old We Will Rock You is the show you’ll remember forever. 

Imagine hearing the sounds of Queen’s greatest melodies lifting the rafters. There’s nothing like a live show of this caliber to get a fantastic atmosphere going. All you need to do is cast your mind back and remember the days Queen used to cause frenzy whenever they had a concert!

If this is something that gets you and your partner excited, this is a must-have gift for Valentine’s Day. It’s also something that will work well for an impressive first date, whether you’ve met someone on a free chatlines site or through a friend.

About the Show

Unsurprisingly this brilliant production has been running non-stop for many years and seems unlikely to diminish in popularity. The show is known for its standing ovations as rapturous fans rise to their feet to acknowledge the performance.

It wasn’t always that way: critics almost universally slammed the show initially, but popular appeal won through and the critics had to change their tune in the face of public appreciation for the production. 

Since then versions of ‘We Will Rock You’ have been performed all over the world to great acclaim and full houses. So, no matter where you are based, you should be able to find this performance going on near you.

The storyline involves young people in a futuristic world where uniformity is the norm and creativity and rock music are not allowed. The story is somewhat surreal and involves the rebellion of Galileo and Scaramouch. They are persecuted by the authorities, suffer several setbacks and then finally triumph over evil.

The Music

Despite the fanciful plot, it’s the music that will carry you away. Smash hit follows smash hit in a faithful rendition of the songs that rocketed Queen to the charts in 1973. Freddy Mercury’s operatic style and Queen’s brilliant use of harmony are faithfully reflected.

Popular Queen songs are performed true to the original score; after all, Queen (in the form of Brian May) was also involved in the creation of this production.

Some of the songs you’ll hear are ‘Radio Gaga’, ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ and of course no Queens-based show would be complete without ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. In fact, all of the Queen greats are performed to perfection in this music-packed performance.

Given this production’s massive popularity it’s wise to book your We Will Rock You tickets ahead of time. You’ll be able to find discounted prices for certain performances and for group bookings if you shop around a little on the internet.

Nonetheless, you do need to make sure you buy from a legitimate source. But don’t worry; getting tickets to see ‘We Will Rock You’ isn’t as difficult as it may sound. After all, there is a great selection of many dates left for you to choose from.

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