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Get Away To One Of These Awesome Beach Getaways


It’s always good to step away from our busy lives every so often. Work can very easily get on top of us and we can end up particularly stressed as a result. What better way to get away from it all than by escaping to a beach? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you should just take a day trip to your nearest beach – that won’t leave you fully relaxed. Instead, you should consider booking a chilled-out beach getaway for your next vacation. Jet off to a gorgeous location where you can lay on the sand all day and dip your toes into the ocean whenever you want. Sounds pretty perfect, right?!

If you think that you could go for a beach getaway, here are some great spots around the world that you might want to add to your shortlist.


The largest of all the islands in the Mediterranean, Sicily lies just off the coast of Italy. If you have been picturing yourself soaking up the hot Mediterranean sun and taking advantage of the region’s highly praised diet, then this island is the place for you! There’s also a great choice of beaches as well. Licata isn’t such a big tourist hot spot, so it will be quite a bit quieter than some of the other beaches on the island. It also has historical significance as well as the allies landed on the beach during the Second World War. The beach at Agrigento is also worth visiting thanks to its Turkish Steps, a natural rock formation that looks just like a staircase!


Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta may be known for being a very busy city, but there are a few peaceful beaches within easy reach for your beach getaway. So, book your apartment through https://rumahdijual.com/jakarta-timur/perumahan-murah to soak up the best of city living and peaceful beach life. Once you are all settled in, it’s time to head out to find the pretty coastal beaches!

Ancol is located on the city’s northern shores. It has been developed quite a bit over the past few years so you’ll find plenty of bars and shopping malls just a stone’s throw from the sand. It’s also the home of Dunia Fantasi, a thrilling theme park that is perfect for the whole family. If that sounds a bit too busy for your beach getaway, you might want to try the beaches on Pari Island, just off the coast of the city. As well as being known for its idyllic beaches, the island is well-known for its rich marine life just off its shores. If you go snorkelling, you will likely see coral reefs, many species of fish, and seaweeds.


Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is known for its many beaches, and there is no better than the ones at Cancun. The best of Cancun’s beaches as to be the stretch of sand at Playa Delfines. It is very peaceful and you won’t have to try and make your way through crowds of tourists to get your own patch of sand. There are also some Mayan ruins just walking distance from the coast too, so it’s a great spot for history aficionados to relax before a walk to see the ruins. You can find out more about these particular ruins at http://travelandleisure.com/local-experts/cancun/top-mayan-ruins-near-cancun. If you don’t fancy exploring the ruins on your own, you can always book onto a tour. Many different tour groups organize different tours of the historical sites around Cancun.


Nin, Croatia

Croatia is quite a cheap country to visit and this is probably why it is home to one of Europe’s cheapest beaches! Nin’s Queen’s Beach is a two-mile stretch of sand along the Croatian coastline. It’s a very quiet beach because most tourists are still unaware of it. But you might want to book your trip to it soon as that could be all about to change – Croatia is becoming a lot more trendier with every passing month! The beach is right next to a sleepy town which features pleasant cobbled streets and traditional bars and cafes that are well worth your time. If you take a hike through the surrounding countryside, you might even stumble across some of the Roman ruins that are dotted around the landscape. This is the beach I most want to visit on this list for my beach getaway.My grandmother came from Croatia and I have always wanted to visit this country.


Cocoa Beach, Florida

Florida benefits from fantastic weather and a vast coastline. It is no wonder that it also features some truly amazing beaches. When the Floridians need to relax at the beach or want to throw a killer beach party, they all head straight to Cocoa Beach. You’ll see groups of friends playing in the ocean and sunbathing on the sands. There will also be many visiting families on the beach, most of whom will have gotten bored of their theme-park trip. It’s fair to say that there will be a right mixed bunch on the beach! It’s also really close to cocktail bars and restaurants, so refreshments are never too far away!


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Byron Bay, Australia

If you want to get as far as possible for your well-earned beach break. It could be worth going down under. Possibly the most famous beach in the world, Australia’s Byron Bay is the top point on most people’s bucket lists. There’s no wonder why that is! This beach may be right in the center of a city but you would never know – it is absolutely gorgeous! Plus, the Australian weather means it’s always a great temperature to go for a swim in the ocean. You won’t have to worry about freezing in the water! It’s also a fantastic destination if you are a surfer or fancy trying your skills out on the waves. Don’t worry if  surfing is not for you – you will be able to sit in the sand and watch all of the pros out on the waves!

Hopefully, one of the beach destinations above will have taken your fancy. Which one do you think you will visit this year? Don’t forget to send a postcard!

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