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Getting Things Just Right To Sell Up

When you sell an apartment you need to be sure that your property has everything it needs to work well. Great plumbing and excellent AC/heating systems.

In this instance, check that it’s working impeccably and if not contact a reliable 24-hour AC Repair – this is particularly handy if you have people coming in the next day to see the apartment and you realize your AC has broken down at 1 am! Here are some other tips to help you.

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1. Check the level of internet marketing activity you are doing

Studies show that 92% of shoppers begin the buying process through an internet search. Make sure that the appearance of the property in the publications you have uploaded on the network is excellent and inviting, and includes at least 6 photos.

Various studies show that properties with more than 6 images and a virtual tour – have a chance to get double and more exposure compared to properties with a smaller amount of images.

2. Prepare a “love video” for your apartment

Make a video and upload it to Youtube. In the video where you are seen walking inside the apartment and in the neighborhood and telling potential buyers – what did the family like best about her, or each of the family members.

Take a photo of the neighborhood cafe where you spend Friday mornings, a bakery where you buy the great pastries you like, etc. Buyers love apartments that sellers loved, and thus will help illustrate to them the lifestyle they loved so much, in the apartment where you lived. Show your home decor off! 

3. Advertise the apartment through Facebook

Post the apartment among your friends on Facebook. In addition, try to locate and advertise among the maximum professional groups that deal with real estate in your area.

In these groups that are considered forums, tens of thousands of professionals are exposed, including potential buyers and investors looking for apartments in the area. If you can set up a digital campaign to sell your property, you can target an exact audience.  

4. Set a realistic and attractive price

The buyers of the apartments are very familiar with the prices of the apartments in the area, including the apartments that are for sale in the neighborhood through a variety of Internet calendar sites, the database of the Tax bands, and so on.

In order to market your apartment at a competitive price and sell it quickly, ask a real estate consultant for a comparative market research that will help you price your apartment at the best price that will compete with apartments in the area (Street / building / neighborhood) and other apartments with similar characteristics that are for sale in the area and are competitive.

Apartments with attractive pricing are perceived by buyers as an attractive deal, receive several times more exposure and visits than similar apartments for sale in the area. 

It’s time to get your apartment looking and feeling great so that you can make a good sale and move onto your next destination, whether that’s just down the road or across the world.

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