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Great Places To Store Valuables At Home

The LA Times reports that the average American household has 300,000 items. Some of these items are undoubtedly more valuable than others, so they are a high priority to homeowners. Jewelry, cash, electronics, and important documents are some of the most common valuables found in many American homes. Your valuables can be stolen or destroyed if you don’t keep them well, so it is prudent to invest significant effort into finding ideal places to tuck them away. Below are some of the best places to keep your valuables at home.

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Inside boxes in the garage

Many home security experts agree that the garage is one of the best places to stash valuables in your home. Thieves are likely to head for the bedroom, living room, and other home areas instead of exploring the garage, which is often associated with tools and clutter.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors recommends tucking your valuables inside boxes with labels like “Christmas Ornaments” or “Old Toys” to keep them safe. The more boxes you have, the longer a burglar will have to search, increasing their chances of being caught. 

Fireproof bags

There are reportedly 358,500 home fires in America every year, so burglars are not the only threat to your household’s valuables. Indeed, your cash, certificates, passports, photographs, jewelry, and other valuables will likely be among the first casualties in a house fire. That’s why brands like EcoGearFX.com offer fireproof bags to help keep your valuables safe in the event of a fire.

These bags are impressively resistant to high heat and temperature and are made with robust fireproof materials like fiberglass and silicone. Many of these bags have more resistant exteriors than interiors, effectively protecting their contents. However, their protection in a fire doesn’t last forever, fiberglass can reportedly remain unharmed at 540°C, but your bag’s protection will start waning if the fire burns on for hours.

Fake cat litter box

Litter boxes are not among the most attractive items in homes. Consequently, using a fake one for valuable storage is a smart idea because this is one of the last areas any burglar would consider looking for items of value. Very few thieves will be interested in rummaging through a cat litter box for valuables in the first place.

You can make a cat litter pan a safe spot for your valuables by simply placing them in plastic and placing them at the bottom of the pan. Then, glue it in place and put clean cat litter all over the pan like you usually would for a cat. For obvious reasons, a fake cat litter box works best if you don’t own a cat.

Hollowed-out books

Very few criminals will search through books for jewelry, cash, and other valuables. Therefore, hollowed-out books are one of the best places to store valuable items. A hollow book or book safe is a nifty way to hide money, jewelry, spare keys, and other treasures. Fortunately, it is quite easy to make a book safe to keep your prized possessions secure. You can add your book safe to the rest of your library to make it even harder to single out, so keep this in mind.

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