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Have Anxiety? Take Time to Relax

Having anxiety can take a huge toll on your daily life. You are always on edge, you are always worrying and sometimes it burns you out so bad that you crash. Though the crash can be helpful it always comes at a bad time, so setting time aside to do something relaxing even if it’s only a few minutes a day will help you to control your anxiety and keep yourself sane.

Here is what I do when I want to distress from my anxiety.

1. Deep Breath.

I do this when I can’t get much time to myself when I’m at work out with friends and family. When you have anxiety it helps to learn the correct way to breathe.

Here is how: Breathe in as you count up from 1 to 10 then breathe out as you count back to 1. This is a great fix for an anxiety attack too.

2. Do something you love.

Do you love to read, get involved in a good book? (check out some of my book reviews) Maybe you’re more active? Get out and take a walk. If your anxiety keeps you from going out to invest in a gaming system where you can do your favorite activity from the comfort of your own space!

3. Pamper yourself.

As I write this post I am giving myself a facial, actually, the facial was the inspiration for this post. I had a horrible day yesterday and I knew I had to make myself relax before work, a facial, or even painting your toes can help you relax and keep the panic at bay.

4. Talk to a friend

This may not always be an option as I well know, but if you have a friend that is available call them, don’t text call and talk. Hearing a human voice helps me a lot!

5. Cuddle with a pet

This one I do a lot and luckily I have a cat that loves to cuddle. Just being able to have something close to me that is not judging me is great.

6. Try Stress-Relieving Products

There are plenty of products on the market targeted at relieving stress and other symptoms of anxiety. Whether you relax with lavender-scented sprays or experience hemp oil benefits, there’s bound to be a product that can help you in some way or another.

Do you have anxiety? How do you de-stress and relax?

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