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Honor Your Loved one with Engraved Plaques

I am a huge Downton Abbey fan and if you watched the show this season, you know that there was a big deal made about honoring the soldiers who fought in world war one. Now, one soldier was being left out of the monument the town was making, but (spoiler alert!!!) a separate plaque was made to honor him, by the lord.

That got me thinking more about Engraved Plaques and how they can be used not only as a decoration, but to honor someone you love. Ten years ago my father passed away from Colin Cancer and I have always wondered what I would do if I moved too far away to visit the mausoleum he is in, or if something happened to the building! (yes, my anxiety is to blame for that gloom and doom scenario.) After seeing that episode I thought that would be a great way to honor my father, now personally I don’t want to have some stuffy plaque on the wall, but I was thinking a nice stone outdoor plaque.

I really like this one. I love to garden and though my dad was not big on the outdoors I know I would love to dedicate a small garden to him, this is something personal and I can move it around as I want to. Making a new garden in my new home. I really am excited about this idea as I have really wanted to do something since it has been 10 years. Though plaque engraving can be expensive it’s not too bad when you think of how long your going to have it.  I’m hoping to get one ordered soon, though instead of the cute bird design I should really think about a comic character or something, my dad was really a kid at heart!

How have you honored someone who has passed away?

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