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How to Be a More Economical Driver

If you’re a driver there are many ways you can save money on your car, by changing the way you drive, and the choices you go for. Learn to reduce your fuel consumption, therefore saving you on gas prices. You can also get a better deal on your car insurance by following simple tips. Here are some ways you can be a more economical driver this year. 

Buying and Selling

You can save money when buying a car by going used. New cars aren’t really a good investment unless you’re a collector because they suffer a dramatic depreciation. They decrease in value as soon as you drive them out of the dealership. New cars suffer a depreciation of 20% per year approximately. Used cars, on the other hand, have already gone through this depreciation so, in the long run, they don’t drop in value as much. 

When selling your car you have several options. You could sell it privately which would maybe guarantee you a better price, but only depending on the condition. It would also save you time to go with a dealership. You could go for a part-exchange where you hand in your old car for a reduction in the price of your new car. If your car isn’t in a good enough condition to be sold directly, Sell Your Car the Fast & Easy Way with Junk Car Cash Out. They’ll buy cars in exchange for cash. 

Get a Lower Insurance Premium

If you’re in a high-risk category you could add an experienced driver to your insurance. This will lower the risk in general and could help to improve the rate of your premium. If you’re looking for new insurance don’t go for auto-renewal, as car insurance company’s don’t tend to reward loyalty. You’re unlikely to get a better price than the one you started with.

Try slightly tweaking your job title on the application to sound more responsible. You definitely shouldn’t lie about anything but if you can make your job title sound better without bending the truth about what you do, it can get you a better offer. Consider “artist” versus “illustrator”, or “teacher” versus “music teacher”. Certain job titles carry more weight. Find out more about how your job affects your car insurance. 

Reduce Your Consumption

To reduce your fuel consumption try to watch yourself a bit while driving. Don’t slam on the brakes or the accelerator. Even take your foot off the throttle when you’re driving down a hill or in a traffic jam. Avoid putting excessive strain on the car. Be more frugal with the heating and air-conditioning. This will waste more energy. Open the windows instead. Ditch roof boxes and unnecessary equipment. The extra weight will cost your car more to run.  

Another way to reduce costs driving is by carpooling. Consider sharing journeys where possible and even ditching the car and walking shorter distances. This will be better for your health and the environment as well.

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