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How To Clean Up Your Diet This Year

Food and eating used to be a super simple concept. It used to be that you ate what you grew or hunted, and you kept planting more food to eat. Processed food wasn’t a thing: we ate from the land around us and we were pretty healthy for it. We ate when we were hungry and stopped when we were full – and then life changed. Canned and frozen mass-produced food became the norm and our diets went kaput.

We now eat less fresh-from-the-land foods and more processed food than ever before. Obesity levels are rising, diabetes and high blood pressure are on the up. And it’s all because we’re not managing our food properly.

We get advice from SHI Macrobiotics and we learn to follow ten tons of diets. We need to get back to basics and adjust our diets to be as cleaned up as possible. When we do this, we can improve our health and get back to that caveman attitude we used to have. Sure, we wouldn’t necessarily continue to snare rabbits and shoot geese, but you get the gist. So, how can you clean up your diet for 2021?

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4 ways to clean up your diet in the new year

  • Get Rid of Processed Food. It’s easy to fall into the trap of eating processed foods, and while you shouldn’t just dump it all out (that would be a waste), you can run down your pantry and start to feel better. Start with the oils and refined bread, and then move to the canned and packaged foods.
  • Keep It Simple. What are your favorite foods? The worst thing that you can do in cleaning up your diet is eliminating these, but you should start thinking about making some good swaps. If you love steak pies, focus on the fillings and making them as natural as possible. The point here is that you can swap your favorites for healthier alternatives – you can even go organic!
  • Buy Whole Foods. Grocers and butchers are the best places to buy from when you are trying to clean up your diet. Whole foods are always around the outside of the store, and this is where you need to shop for your whole foods. The stuff that spoils is the stuff you want to aim for!
  • Read Your Labels. You can get used to reading the labels for all your food quite quickly. The best way to work out what’s healthier is to avoid anything with too many ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Whole foods have stabilizers and other chemicals that you can’t pronounce, so always check the labels.

Cook Everything. Learning to cook is a must for clearing up your diet. You can bet that the more you cook, the more you will be able to enjoy a better, healthier diet. It’s not a chore to cook your meals. It’s a pleasure and it’s one that you should enjoy. The more that you learn to research your recipes, the better the meals you can cook and pack them all with excellent ingredients.

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