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How To Get Better At Standing Up For Yourself

As somebody living in a western country, you live in a society that emerged from the dark ages on the backs of people who were willing to stand up for themselves. Brave souls combated virtually every tyranny in our lives, and continue to do so to this day. 

Standing up for yourself and your interests is, therefore, important. The forces of darkness will continually look for chinks in your personal psychological armor, trying to find new ways to dominate you. You always need to be vigilant and aware that there are a large number of dangerous people in your society who desire nothing but power over others 

Getting better at standing up for yourself, though, can be a challenge. If you’ve spent your entire life worrying about what other people think, then you can find it hard to push back. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways that you can stand up for yourself and improve your life. Check out these ideas. 

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Take Small Steps

Standing up for yourself doesn’t always come easily. Many of us are trained from an early age to be obedient to our elders and betters for fear of punishment. That same trauma follows us into adult life and we struggle to clearly define what’s best for us in our personal lives.

Taking small steps can help. Little things like asking people not to invade your personal space or telling colleagues at work that they upset you publicly can be the first steps towards making real in-roads in the world. 

Fight Unjust Accusations

Today, there are many organizations, like GetDismissed, that will fight unjust accusations on your behalf, no matter where they come from. Getting a parking ticket, for instance, is never a pleasant experience, but many people will accept it as if it is just the way of the world and there’s nothing they can do about it. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Just because you’ve been accused of something doesn’t mean you’re guilty, and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. Always fight.

Wait Out Attacks

Reacting the moment somebody attacks you is a great way to allow that person to get under your skin. Many times, that’s precisely the reaction that they want. The goal isn’t to say something true about you – it’s just to make you suffer. 

When you wait out an abusive person and then just respond to them calmly, you signal that they can’t have an effect on you. They immediately notice this and choose a target elsewhere. 

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Stand Up For Your Time

People will take advantage of your time if they can. It’s a resource that they can use.

Standing up for it, therefore, is critical. People who are confident in themselves are able to say “no” when their boss asks them to work overtime. And more often than not, it helps them to generate even more respect among their peers. Have you ever noticed how the most confident person in the office is also the most respected? It’s not by chance.

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