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Strength In Numbers: Building-Up Your Circle Of Friends

There’s nothing like a strong group of friends to help ensure that you feel like you’re part of a team. Many say that your friends are just the family that you’ve chosen. Friends can be a great source of support during difficult times, Your close friends can ways provide a space to escape the stresses of work and family life.

However, as people get through their 20s and into their 30s, it can sometimes become a challenge to maintain strong friendships. People can grow apart for a variety of reason. Friends can move away, your tastes and ideals may change as you age, and new commitments always take-up time. People’s priorities can change, your friends get married or have kids. Therefore, you might have found yourself in a position where you feel like you don’t have a particularly reliable group of friends, that you can call on, have fun with, and make memories together.

You might not think that it’s particularly easy to build-up a friendship group. It can be hard especially as you’re out of your school or college days. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of people in exactly the same position as you. The good news, there are many ways to make new friends, strengthen current friendships, and build-up your gang of favorites. With the help of the internet, a sprinkle of bravery, and an openness to try new things; you’ll have no issue in finding your happy place regarding friendships. Here are a few things to consider if you want to focus on friendships this year, and enjoy all the benefits they’ll bring.

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

If you’re thinking of killing two birds with one stone, you could bring health and fitness into building-up your friendships. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of getting back into a particular sporty past time, or you fancy trying something completely new.

Fitness groups and sports teams are an excellent way to get off on strong footing regarding a new, or current, acquaintance. You’ll have the benefit of enjoying a new hobby, along with releasing plenty of those happy hormones and endorphins, which will contribute to some great conversations during your workout or game, okay, maybe afterward. There’s nothing like heading out to lunch in your track and field uniforms together, to discuss team tactics or just catch-up over a latte or two.

The main thing is to find something that you genuinely enjoy so that you’re meeting-up regularly, and can take the friendships outside of your activity. You’ll already have something in common, especially if you’re playing a competitive game, like netball, hockey, or tennis, or, whatever team you fancy getting involved with.

Beyond Team Sports

If team sports aren’t quite your thing, you consider a walking, jogging, or running group. These style of get-togethers are great for those who want to get fit as they encourage one-another along the way. Depending on your pace, you’ll be able to chat along the way too; do your research, and find somewhere and something that you’d be comfortable with. And, don’t forget, nobody is forcing you to stay; you can choose to leave at any time, especially if you’re not enjoying the activity or the company. You should be proud that you gave it a go.

Shorter bursts of exercise, through classes, and another way to build comradery with your fellow fitness enthusiasts (or amateurs). Check out your local gym or sports hall, for what classes are new; sessions often include beginners, and there’ll be a range of fun things to try, from pilates, to Zumba. Again, if it’s fun, and you find some people you like, surely it’s worth it?

You don’t just have to use the time you spend building your fitness, to make new friends either. You can invite one or two (or more) or your current friends to try things out with you. Perhaps you just haven’t seen your BFF enough; a regularly class, that you’ve paid for, will ensure that you get time together, and will encourage you to get-together more often. Why not save money, and create your own team? Meet at a set time in the park for a run, followed by a treat of course, and invest in some team jerseys or t-shirts so that you really begin to feel the strengths in your bond.

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Weekly Rituals For Better Balance

Okay, so the sporty thing isn’t for you and your gang, and you’d prefer to get-together under different circumstances. That’s cool, there are so many ways to ensure that you can all meet-up and enjoy each other’s company regularly.

When it comes to making more of your current friends, it’s time to set-up a group message, and get some set times in place. Saying things like “we should really meet-up for coffee sometime”, will never work; it’s time to put plans in the diary, and ensure that as many of you are sticking to them as possible. This is also a great way to see who is just as keen to focus on their friendship group and to understand those who may not be so into it (don’t take it personally; everyone is going through different things in their life). Therefore, it’s worth thinking of some ways to bring your favorite people back together again and ensure it becomes apart of all your lives.

Perhaps you’re all fond of a particular cuisine, or food in general. You can pick a weeknight to cook-up a stor together, order takeout, or book yourselves into a new restaurant. Food is a lovely way to spend time with those you care about, and whether you’re eating pizzas on the sofa, or sat across a table at the new sushi restaurant; you’ll be able to catch-up and share your lives as you eat.

Don’t spend just to have friends

Keep in mind other people’s (and your own) budget. Eating out is lovely, but if you’re going to make it a regular thing, it might be better to do 3 weeks at someones house. Then, perhaps 1 week a month, you can choose a night to book a table. Homemade pizza parties, or taco Tuesdays, can be coupled with a movie or binge watching something on Netflix together. And, don’t forget that the point is to talk, communicate, and catch-up.

Games nights are another excellent way to enjoy a weeknight or a weekend evening. If you feel like you’re a little over heading out to the club on a Friday or Saturday, you could invite people over for cocktails, nibbles, and games. The weekly ritual can be as simple as each guest bringing a bottle of something they love, and you all deciding what game you’re going to play beforehand.

Whether it’s a simple pack of cards, a classic board game, or an app-based game on your phones; the hours will pass fast, and you’ll be sure to have a great time together. You could all head to one person’s house, or have the venue on rotation so that people don’t feel too pressured or overwhelmed. Or, perhaps the losing player has to host next week’s games night; there are so many possibilities, and it’s all about finding one that suits you best.

Image from Pexels

Starting On Screen

Often, it can be the new friendships that are a challenge to form, especially when you feel like you’ve perhaps lost your way a little regarding socializing. However, that’s where the internet can come in really handy. You’ll find so many like-minded people online, who are also open to bonding over passions, hobbies, and experiences, and are there for the same reasons as yourself. It’s just about discovering where to look. It’s worth starting with a particular interest or skill, and thinking about location after.

Don’t dismiss a friendship, just because they don’t live nearby; many people form far stronger friendships through talking and messaging regularly, than they do meeting up sporadically. Social media and blogs (hey there) are the perfect place to start. Simply searching a hashtag related to what you enjoy, is the perfect way to connect with those with similar interest. Whether it’s knitting and sewing, crafts, a genre of music, film, or theater; the possibilities online truly are endless, no matter how niche you feel your interests are.

Give people a follow, read their blogs, leave them comments, and perhaps connect through a message or two. Sharing your passion too, will encourage them to connect back, and you’ll strike up a conversation. That’s when you can go beyond simply what’s on the surface of your feeds, and learn a bit more about them. If it is possible to meet-up; take the chance (safely and within reason, obviously). Often, groups of enthusiasts end-up meeting in real life, at organized events and get-togethers. It might mean stepping out of your comfort zone a little, but you’ll be able to bond over things that matter to you, which is an excellent way to begin a friendship with plenty of strength and longevity.

Keep putting the effort in with those you care for, and you’ll enjoy more quality time together in the future.


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