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How To Make Your Next Move After Being Let Go

Getting fired from your job can be the most worrisome, panic-inducing, scary feeling to deal with. You have been relying on your job for your salary – to pay your bills, keep your heating on and, well, eat. But now you’re having to start again and think up a next move when you didn’t plan on having a next move at all. There’s a whirlwind of emotions that you’re going to go through, though before you can even get to a stage where you are able to think straight and look for a new job.

Your identity is a big part of you do for a living, and you need to understand first and foremost whether you were let go from your job for a good reason. If you’ve been fired unfairly, you need to get the advice of an employment lawyer, who can talk you through whether you have been treated fairly or whether you have a case for unfair dismissal. This will also potentially help you with costs of living while you search for a new job. Mostly, you need to know how to get over getting fired. It’s a process to go through before you can find another job, and once you get through this process, you can get your head back in the game.

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Grieve. Believe it or not, part of the process of getting over being fired lies in grieving. You need to take a week after you’ve lost your job to veg out for a while. Your job has been intensely taking up your time and you will struggle to find a job when you’re feeling ashamed and sad about the job that you lost. It’s a lot to take in, and you should allow yourself that time to think about it.

Don’t Compare. You won’t find the exact job with the exact people that you worked with again. However, you will find a role that you love. It’s important not to compare your situation to those who are still employed at the company, because otherwise you risk falling into a deep depression. Keep looking forward.

Reframe. Turn this situation into a positive. So, you’ve lost your job. This is going to give you the time to search for a job that you really want, not just one you have to do for the cash. Turn this job loss into an opportunity, and you can start to feel better about not working.

Know What Went Wrong. You need to come to terms with WHY you were fired in the first place. If it was performance related, then you could work on those areas where you found things difficult for the next company that you work for. Your ex-employer may have walked you through where you went wrong, and if they did you have a solid place to work from.

No one wants to be fired but you can make it work and turn it into the best thing that could have happened to you this year.

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