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How To Take Great Care Of Your New Puppy

Welcoming an extra furry member to your family can be such a fun experience. Having a puppy of your own allows you to build a strong connection between man and dog, and benefit from all of the joy and comfort that can come from four paws and a wet nose, too!

However, it’s vital that you take some time to find out exactly how you can take great care of your puppy before they even arrive at your home, as it’s your responsibility to provide them with the best quality of life possible.

Luckily it needn’t be difficult to keep your dog calm and comfortable for years to come, as there are just a few key tips and tricks that you can utilize to make sure you can look after your furry friend. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best steps that you can follow now to take great care of your new puppy! 

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A Healthy Diet 

The most important time of the day for your new puppy is dinner time, as the food that they eat contributes massively towards their overall health and wellbeing. Though it may be easy to just grab the cheapest canned dog food in the supermarket, this is likely to be the most unhealthy choice that you could make.

These inexpensive tins of dog food can be extremely processed, often containing a high level of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and flavorings that just aren’t natural or beneficial for your pup. Making the decision to source the most appropriate food for your puppy will help to lay the best foundations for optimum health to truly thrive, and it needn’t be difficult to source healthy, balanced meals that taste delicious too.

You can purchase fresh dog food that’s kept inside the fridge, or even source a few recipes online that you can utilize to make hair food from scratch at home! Making their food at home will help you to control each ingredient that goes into each dish, so this is the perfect option for owners who discover their pup has some sensitivities or allergies to contend with. Never give your dog over-processed ‘human’ food such as chocolate, as these can cause long term health issues like cancer. 

Regular Exercise 

It’s vital that you can provide your puppy with the means required to work up a sweat, as every dog needs to take part in regular exercise to stay fit and healthy for years to come. You should aim to take your puppy for a walk at least twice daily, in the morning and in the afternoon to stretch their legs and give them the opportunity to go to the toilet outside.

The length and duration of your walk should depend on your dog’s breed, as a large dog will often require a much longer walk! Uncover a few nature-based routes in your local area where you can take your pup on exploration, as it’s sure to be a feast for their senses to play around amongst the long grass and flowers.

Failing to provide your dog with the opportunity to get outside and burn off some energy can mean that they suffer both physically and mentally, as a bored pup is often an aggressive pup that can become uncontrollable and unruly

Attention & Training 

The most complex area of care that you must focus on to provide the best life for your new puppy involves all things training related. As soon as a puppy comes into your care, the responsibility is on you to provide them with the attention and training that they need to grow into a calm, friendly dog.

Leaving your puppy to do as they please can mean that they take over your household as they grow, barking at guests and attacking those who pass you by in the street. This is most definitely not acceptable, as your dog cannot cause issues with other individuals or other dogs – unsafe pets can be taken away from their owners and every destroyed in certain circumstances, so don’t make the mistake of letting your dog run wild.

Training a puppy takes time and dedication, but the most important feature of all is repetition. Even the most basic of commands such as ‘sit’ can only be achieved through constant repetition, as you can reward their brilliant behavior as soon as their bum touches the floor.

Giving up after just a few tries will prove to your pup that you simply aren’t interested, so take the time to teach and train them to perform important commands like stay and lie down.

If you wish to let your puppy off the lead whenever you head outdoors, you should also practice some recall training to make sure your four-legged friend will actually come back to you when you shout their name. Distracted dogs can easily get lost or injured, so don’t let your pup wander off or stray too far whenever they are free to roam. 

Let Them Form Friendships 

If a neighbor, friend, or family member has a dog of their own, this is the perfect opportunity to let your puppy form a friendship. You must allow your dog to mix with other dogs so that they can perform their natural behavior, and you can take the chance to train them about how to act around new dogs, too.

Introduce them slowly, keeping calm but staying ready to exit the scene should either dog take a dislike. Assess their body language – a stiff body with a rigid tail means something’s not right, whilst a wagging tail with a relaxed stance obviously shows they’re having fun.

Helping your pup to make friends can be such a fun experience, as dog dates can provide them with so much excitement and joy that is wonderful to watch as an owner.

Taking great care of your new puppy has never been so simple when you are able to utilise the brilliant tips and tricks described above.

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