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How To Throw The Ultimate Baby Shower

If your friend is due to have a baby soon then why not throw her one last hurrah? A baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate her becoming a mom and welcoming the unborn baby into the fold. If you are unsure how to throw a party, you could get everyone involved to help organize it.

Multiple heads are better than one, however, be careful that personalities and opinions don’t clash. One of the best things you can do, if it isn’t a surprise, is ask the mom-to-be what she wants to do. Take a look below for some top tips on how to throw an amazing baby shower. 


One of the first things you need to decide on is where the baby shower will take place. This could be anywhere from your home, the mom-to-be’s home, or a small rented hall somewhere. One thing to bear in mind when arranging a venue is how far from the mom’s home it is. Being pregnant is hard enough without having to travel miles for a party you don’t necessarily know about. If the venue is far away, one of you should offer to give the mom-to-be a lift there and back. 

Date & Time

You have the venue, now to sort the date and time of the party. Weekends are much better for this type of event as people are usually working Monday to Friday. Think about the length of the party as well, it can take its toll on people and their bodies. A great time frame is a couple of hours around lunchtime. This means you can incorporate some food into the party and everyone will be happy. 


Once you have figured out the venue, time, and date it is important to get some invites sent out. If you are creating personalized ones, these can take about a week to get back to you. Unless of course, you opt for digital ones you can print out yourself. Alternatively, you can take this into the 21st century and set up a group chat. You can name it The Baby Shower group and add everybody to it. That way you will have a list of people who are coming and those that can’t make it. 


Before the baby shower, you must set up for the event. This can be tricky, especially if it is being held at the mum-to-be’s house. You will need to get rid of her for a couple of hours while you put the decorations up. If one or two of you take her out somewhere, baby shopping or spa treatments for instance.

The others can stay at her home and make it party-ready. If you know what the sex is then you can buy pink or blue decorations. If the party is acting as a gender reveal then you can buy pink & blue items. However, if you don’t know the baby’s gender, you will have to opt for neutral colors. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to decorating for a baby shower. You can use wall decals or stickers to make it look fun and interesting. If you need custom-made stickers then take a look at kiss cut sticker sheet printing. This will give you custom-made stickers finished to a high standard. 


When you are decorating you will also have to lay out the food that you are having at the baby shower. This could be buffet-style so everyone helps themselves at various intervals throughout the party. This is great, as anything leftover can be stuck in the fridge for the mom-to-be to enjoy.

Don’t forget every party needs a cake! Baby showers often utilize cupcakes with colored frosting or sponge to coincide with the gender. If no gender is known then a plain sponge will do. If you don’t want to do this yourself then you could get the help of a local catering service. It all depends on how many people are coming to the party. 


No baby shower is complete without a few classic games. You can have change the diaper while blindfolded and pin the paci on the baby. Alternatively, you can create prediction games. Such as how heavy the baby will be or what will their name be. The list is endless when it comes to baby shower games, take a look online for some more ideas. 


Finally, if you compile a list of gifts that the mom-to-be has requested or that she needs then you can all go through and figure out what you are going to buy. If there are bigger things that are still needed, such as a stroller for example, then you could all make a contribution and make the pregnant lady’s day.

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