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I’m Sorry, What? Signs You’re Losing Your Hearing


Could you say that again?

What did you say?

Annoyingly overused, these phrases are more common than you imagine, and they tend to be parroted by those who are struggling to hear those around them. As a rule, most people associate hearing loss with getting older, and it’s probably why so many are in denial about their lack of hearing – they don’t want to admit that they’re aging!

The thing is, hearing loss is as common as we age as back pain and sore knees. For some, it’s an inevitability and we need to recognize the signs of hearing loss as soon as possible so that we can get on top of it and seek the right help.

No one wants to deal with hearing loss, but you can learn more about what to do when you experience the early signs of decline in your hearing. Most hearing loss is something that starts out gradually, and most people don’t notice it happening in the beginning.

It’s not until they’re constantly turning up the TV and asking people to repeat themselves that they start to wake up to a problem. It’s always a good idea to be aware of what’s in store if you are slowly losing your hearing, and the most subtle of signs can keep you in the loop about your own health and welfare. Let’s take a look at some of those signs below.

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Ears Ringing, Are You Listening?

Tinnitus, that high-pitched screech in the inner ear that you get from time to time. It can affect one ear or it can affect both ears, either way, it’s not pleasant and it’s not curable. It can come about after an earache or a common cold, but you should watch it closely if the ringing in your ears turns into a persistent issue. Speaking to an audiologist is the best port of call here, and they can help you with a diagnosis.

Up Goes The TV

The music player and the TV in your home should be at a reasonable volume so that you can enjoy your entertainment comfortably. Have you found that you’re almost constantly turning the volume right up? Yep, that’s a warning sign that you have some hearing issues going on.

Even if your previous volume was at 25 and now you need it to be at 40, that’s a sign that your hearing has had it! You should not have to keep turning the volume up on the television to be able to hear it, so there is a marked decline if that’s what you’re doing.

Please, Be Quiet!

Your friends love you, but they don’t love your constant yelling. They’ve asked you to keep it down and that’s what you have to do, but you now can’t hear yourself speaking properly. When you are being told to quiet down a little, it’s because you’re raising your voice to hear yourself speak.

That’s a problem as it means that you can’t hear yourself at a regular volume. Pay attention to the friends who are telling you that there’s a noise issue – they’re doing you a favor and should trigger you to book an appointment.

Lip Reading, Anyone?

Are you constantly watching the mouths of your friends to keep up with what they’re saying? Not everyone can lip read, but if you’re starting to recognize what they’re saying, it’s not the skill you wanted to have! If you understand things better when you’re watching the mouth of the speaker, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with an audiologist.

Canceling Calls

You should be able to answer the phone easily, but if you’re canceling calls because your phone volume is up and you still can’t hear, then it’s worth getting your hearing checked out. You may not even realize that you’re canceling calls because of your hearing because you’re used to canceling them anyway! If you can’t watch the mouths of the speakers, canceling calls can protect you from embarrassment.

You’re Ignoring People

Sometimes, you can ignore people just to be antisocial, but other times you’re ignoring people because you just can’t hear them calling you. If you don’t notice people coming to you and flagging you down, getting your hearing checked is a good idea. 

You need to be able to hear the people around you, and if you can’t, you need to get some help. Knowing the signs of losing your hearing is important and it’s a good place to start when you are worried about the lack of understanding in your life!

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