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Is Dating A Soon-To-Be-Divorced Man Worth It?

Dating as you get older can be really difficult. I myself find it’s hard to meet men who are really serious about a relationship or they are in too big of a hurry. One thing I have hessitated on is dating a man who is going through a devorce. I have done it, and it didn’t turn out well. They ended up back with their ex. However I know others who have had success. In one case it was the women devorcing and her and her boyfriend have been togeather for over 9 years. They are even getting married this year.

There are some dating subjects that will always be controversial, with people feeling very strongly either for or against the idea. Questioning whether it’s possible to date someone with the opposite political views always stirs debate, as evidenced by the piece on https://www.elitedaily.com/. The viability of long-distance relationships is also a hot topic, and even what constitutes “red flags” tends to differ between individuals, but there is one particularly thorny debate that seemingly has no “right” answer: should you date someone who is still married, but in the prospect of divorcing their spouse?

The difficulties presented by dating a soon-to-be-divorced man

For many women, the idea of dating someone who is technically still married is a complete no-no. There are a variety of reasons why women feel so strongly on this subject, including:

  • Concerns over the potential of reunion. By far the biggest concern for most women is that soon-to-be-divorced does not mean divorced, so there is always the potential for a reunion. Many women feel that the risk is too high, and dating is complicated enough as it is, so it’s best only to date men who have already finalised their divorce and moved on.
  • Worries over becoming embroiled in the divorce proceedings. Even in the most friendly of cases, divorce is a complete matter, requiring assistance from professionals such as https://www.smclattorneys.com to navigate effectively. For some women, the idea of being in a relationship with someone going through such a process is concerning, especially in instances when the divorce is fiercely contested.
  • Emotional baggage. The risk of emotional baggage is present in any relationship, but seems to be particularly concerning if the man is still technically married – concerns which can become significant enough to dissuade women from dating a man who is going through a divorce.

The opposite opinion

Other people believe that there is no reason not to date someone who is going through a divorce, particularly given how long the divorce process can be. There’s every chance that a former couple are now living entirely separate lives. However, circumstances and formalizing legal arrangements are merely delaying the process of full separation. Given that divorce is not an immediately-resolved issue, some women believe there’s no reason not to date someone just because they are technically still married. If a man is now clearly living a single life with the marriage behind them, then their legal marital status can be viewed as essentially irrelevant.

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So is it worth dating a soon-to-be-divorced man?

As with so many matters related to dating, the answer to the question entirely depends on the man himself. If you are confident that you won’t need to become involved in the divorce. You also know that the divorce will happen. Then there’s no reason to miss out on dating someone with whom you get on well. It’s usually best to verify that the divorce is legitimate – and ideally, the man should be living in his own home – but if you are satisfied the marriage is entirely over, it may well be worth proceeding.

However, do remember that you don’t have to date anyone. If you don’t feel you can date someone who is going through a divorce, that’s your choice to make, so don’t feel bad about walking away if you think it is the right choice for you.

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