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Keep your cool this summer with an Elegear Cooling Blanket

Summertime means more sunshine, hot days, and warm nights. Though most love the hot days, it’s the warm nights that make most of us lose sleep, literally. What if I told you that you could combat the heat with a simple blanket? Don’t believe me? Read on for my review of the Elegear Revolutionary Colling Blanket.

Disclosure: I recived this blanket to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. This post also contains affilate links. I recive a commisson if you buy though these links.

What is the Elegear Cooling Blanket?

This blanket uses coll technology double fabric. They are fully machine washable, just put it in a laundry net and throw it in the washer, then hang to dry.

More about the blankets construction

  • One side consists of a scientific blend of 80% mica nylon and 20% polyethylene.
  • The second side is 100% Cotton
  • The blanket comes in 3 sizes, (51″ x 57″) (59″ x 79″) (79″ x 86″)
  • Avilable in five colors: Beige, Grey, Blue, Green, Pink

My review of the Elegear Cooling Blanket

Now that you know how the Elegear Cooling blanket is constructed, you probably want to know does it actually work. Does it do what is says it will do or is it just a dud like so many others? I received the 79″ x 86″ sized blanket. It is large and could fit two people if your both smaller and don’t hog the blanket. However, it’s just for me and I love to be wrapped up so this was a great size. It does fit over my queen bed perfectly so I can just leave it on there during the day.

Hot Flashes

When I first got the blanket to review it was cold here in Nashville. However, I am diabetic with currently not well-controlled blood sugar, so I do get hot flashes. The day after receiving the blanket I had a horrible hot flash. Usually, they are done in 10 minutes, but this one kept going. I thought about opening a window, but then I remembered the blanket.

I put it on and within a minute or so I noticed my temperature coming down. Now of course I thought, this could just be that it was time to come down naturally, so I knew I had to try it again. A few days later I had another hot flash, this time I grabbed the blanket right away and noticed the same situation. I started to cool down quickly. At that point, I was a believer in what this blanket could do, but I still had to test it out at night.

Does it work at night?

After I few days the temperatures started to rise and though I know it will get hotter this summer I felt it was warm enough to do a review. I usually sleep with the window open when it’s 50 to 60 degrees at night, but I kept it closed to keep the room warmer. I used just the blanket for the night and found it very comfortable. It is lightweight and I wasn’t sure I would like it. I love my comforter and usually use it all year round. However, that was when I lived in Michigan and now I’m in Tennessee, so my hope was this cooling blanket will help keep me cool this summer.

After sleeping with it for a couple of nights I was impressed, it kept me cool and allowed me to sleep without getting really hot. I did keep my comforter next to me in case I got too cold, but I didn’t need to add that until a few nights later when it got cooler again.

I also tried a suggestion that was given in the amazon reviews where the user put the blanket over the comforter with the shiny side down. I did this because I still missed the weight of the comforter, but still wanted to stay cool. The reviewer pinned their blanket to the comforter to keep it in place. I did not but mine stayed well for the one night of testing. I think this may be my go-to solution for at least spring and fall as it did work well and was much cooler than just the comforter.

Cons of this blanket

There really are not many cons and the couple I do have are more of a personal preference. I wish this blanket had a bit more weight to it, but that is because I love the heavy feel of a comforter. This may of course change as the weather gets warmer in Nashville and I may update my opinion at that time.

The other is that you do have to hang it to dry. I am lucky in this apartment as I have a shower curtin rod that is actually attached into studs so I am able to hang clothing and other items. However I have been in apartments and other rentals that have not had this. I have no idea where I would dry this blanket in those situations.

Writer wearing the cooling blanket

How to Care for the Blanket

Does it really machine wash?

The simple answer is yes, and you may not even need the net. I put mine in on its own as I have a sensing washer so I don’t waste water when I do this. It washed fine. I did try putting it in the dryer with the no-heat option, but it didn’t dry well and this is not recommended anyway. I live in an apartment so I just hung it over my shower rod and it dried in a few hours, this is the recommended way to dry and it is what I recommend as well.

If you notice it is not feeling as cool as you would like it you can put it in the freezer for an hour or so. I did this just to try it and it reactivated the cooling just fine. You can also just lay the blanket with the cooling side up so that it can naturally cool off.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, I think this is a great blanket that will help to keep you cooler at night. Will it keep you from getting hot ever? maybe not, but it will help to keep your body temperature cool so you can get a good night’s sleep. They also have pillowcases and I will be buying them soon.

Ready to buy one for yourself? Buy it on Amazon.

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