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Littlest Pet Shop Pet Fest: The Perfect Gift for a child

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Are you looking for a great gift for a young girl in your life? I was, I was on a hunt for something for my niece. She is a preteen, but still acts like a kid and she loves Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) You can find these all over at various stores, but The set I bought for her is only available on Amazon here.

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Fest

What I love about this set is that it has mostly pets, for my niece that is what she wanted. She has all the extras, but was very sad she didn’t have many pets. I wasn’t sure if I should order it online or not as who knows what I was getting, but when I saw this set on Amazon I had to buy it.

Now I’m not opening this box so I’m not really doing a review of this set for you, but I wanted to share the cool features/what’s inside.

Update: Review

My niece really loved getting this set for Christmas. She still plays with them almost a year later. She loved that there were so many pets to choose from and that they were pets she didn’t already have. Over the last couple of months, she has lost a couple of pieces, but overall she still has most of the set and still enjoys playing with the pets.

The items in this set are very comparable to LPS sets you would find in the store, so don’t worry about them not being of the same quality.

Buy this Littles Pet Shop item on Amazon.com here

What you get in the LPS Pet Fest

  • 15 pet friends
  • 13 Deco Bits pieces
  • 2 Accessories

This set is marked for children 4 and up, so please keep that in mind. Who would you buy this LPS set for?

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