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Love on the Rocks? Ways To Handle Conflict in Your Relationship

It can be challenging to find love in the modern era because many people don’t even believe it exists anymore. But for those who have found a relationship they value, conflict is inevitable and will happen at some point. That doesn’t mean you should give up on your relationship, though! This blog post will go over different ways to handle conflicts with your partner so that you can make it work for both of you and keep the love alive.

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Open the Channels and Environment for Communication

Find the time and place to talk with your partner without distractions. Talk about what you are feeling, but avoid being accusatory or blaming them for the feelings that you’re having. Instead, listen deeply to each other’s point of view without interrupting each other’s thoughts and validate those thoughts if possible by saying things like “I see what you’re saying.”

In the end, be sure to summarize your partner’s thoughts and feelings, so they know where you stand.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Sometimes what you’re fighting about is something that’s been bothering your partner for a while. So, it might be best to do some digging before acting harshly. For example, ask them if there are any other issues they would like help with.

Sometimes the problem could be a hidden addiction or mental health issues. So, by getting to the root of the problem, you’ll help your partner in a way that counts. 

If your partner is an addict, you could get an inpatient rehab treatment to help them with their recovery process and ultimately strengthen your relationship.

Find a Middle Ground

If you’re in a disagreement, try to find some common ground. It might be easier for both of you to compromise with what you both agree on to avoid resentment on one part. Visiting an inpatient rehab center will help you both get through this difficult time.

Consider if You Can Get Past the Problem or Not

Sometimes you can’t get past a problem, and your relationship is just not going to work. You might need to take steps, like talking with family or seeking marriage counseling, in order to make the best decision for both of you about whether or not it’s time to end the relationship.

Take a Break

If things are getting heated, then it might be best to take a time out and try again later when you’re both more relaxed and able to think clearly about what is going on. 

Besides, it’s possible that in your anger or frustration, you didn’t fully understand what your partner was trying to say.

Accept That You Are Both Different

You two have different thoughts, feelings, and opinions, so don’t try to push your partner into doing things the way you want them done. 

It’s not going to work for either one of you if your partner feels like they’re doing something just because it’s what you want. So, therefore, have a common ground and let each of you have your moment with what you love.

Give the Other Person Space

Sometimes it’s good to let your partner have some alone time or do something on their own so they can rest and feel refreshed for when you are together again. It’ll give both of you a chance to cool down before communicating again.

Reassure Your Partner That You Still Care

If things are agitated, it might be a good idea to reassure your partner that even though the two of you may not agree about something or understand each other’s point of view, one thing is for sure – their feelings matter. 

Find Ways To Have Fun

When a couple is in an argument or disagreement, it can be hard to find any common ground. To make things more enjoyable and less stressful for the both of you, try doing something that makes you happy such as going on vacation together or picking up a hobby that the two of you can enjoy.

Get the Anger Out

Anger is typically what fuels most arguments and disagreements between couples. Find some way to get it out before the two of you have a discussion. It could be as simple as going for a walk in nature or working on your stress management skills.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the different ways that conflict can arise in a relationship and ways you can get past them. Remember, just like any relationship, a romantic one has its ups and downs. It’s only through communication and love that you will overcome these hurdles with your partner.

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