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Lovely Ways To Add More Flavor To Your Meals

Adding more flavor to your meals can feel like an impossibility. You’ve watched the chefs on TV do it, read recipes online, and scrolled through the comments for ideas, but you’re still unsure if you can pull it off yourself. 

After all, only certain combinations seem to work together. You need to balance the flavor profile and then ensure it’s all cooked in and out correctly and that you’re not overdoing it in one area over another… it can be exhausting as a beginner! 

But adding more flavor is a privilege rather than a chore. So let’s treat it like one. Here are some lovely, easy ways to ensure you’re constantly digging into something delicious. Even when it’s a strictly ‘healthy’ plate, you can still bake in some taste that keeps you smiling. 

Coat and Roast Your Vegetables

Roasted vegetables are excellent. Covering them in oil, salt, and pepper, or layering them up with some fat and a bit of garlic or onion, is a great way to squeeze out all the natural flavors. 

Yes, even simple carrots can be sweet and tart and perfect for the table! So shove your veggies in the oven, but cover them in a good spice and/or fat coating first. Even the kids will love digging into these when they’re all done! 

Put More Condiments on the Table

The more condiments you’ve got on the table, the more flavor you’ve got to choose from in the moment. And sometimes that’s all you need! A bottle of ketchup, a jar of mayonnaise, a good pot of ranch – simple is sometimes the best way to go. It doesn’t matter what you pair them with; if you like the sauce’s flavor, try it out with the ingredient you find a bit bland. You might discover your new favorite thing to eat through this.  

Add a Dessert!

If you’re craving something chocolatey or creamy or a bit sugary, why not add a dessert to your evening meal every other dinner time? A good eggless small batch chocolate chip cookies will go a long way to making you feel like there’s a lot of flavor on your table without needing to tweak or experiment with your main meal at all. 

Plus, if you learn how to cook indulgent and intricate desserts, you’ll have showstopping centerpieces to lay down at parties. These skills will help you to become an even better cook everywhere else and allow you to see where ingredients and flavors may be missing. Even that batch of cookies mentioned above can be a pleasing way to melt anyone who sees them! 

Use Marinades More Often

Marinades are great for meats, so if you find your chicken or steaks a little bland or dry, why not marinade them up to a day before? The longer the meat is left to soak, the more flavor it will pick up – the acid in a marinade also helps soften and tenderize the meat for easier cooking. 

Not only does it take less time in the pan, but it also comes out of it much, much juicier. Take at least an hour before cooking when using a marinade, and always ensure there are some acidic ingredients in there, such as citrus juice or vinegar.

Cook in Peppers and ‘Hot’ Spices

If you’re someone who hates ‘hot’ foods, this might be one you’re wary of. However, if you can buy the mildest chilies and spices from the store, you can use them to add a lot of flavor to your usual dishes. Chilli powder, curry powder, hot sauce, or tabasco work here and can be sprinkled or dropped in without much issue. 

A typical chili pepper can be easily sliced and chopped and de-seeded and then thrown into a pan to help add a meatier, more complete taste to something that’s lacking that sense of spice. Eggs benefit wonderfully from this treatment, as do various types of meat and seafood. 

Adding more flavor to your meals should be a fun thing anyone can do. Never let the task feel unapproachable. Get to know your spice rack, the sauces, and the marinades you can make, and then mix and match until you find the combinations you like. It’s your dinner table, you can put what you want on it! 

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